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Are Hasbro dropping XD branding?

I know it's common knowledge that the XD blasters don't feature different internals to the non-XD blasters.

Today I saw a white Retaliator without the XD badge on the box.  The bottom of the packaging said copyright 2016 (my XD Retaliator says copyright 2014 on the bottom).

Are Hasbro dropping the XD branding, and if so why, after almost 3 years?


If it has a question mark after it, it's a question. Moved to correct place.ON


You answered your own question, everyone knows they are the same as Elite. When XD launched, one of the most common issues with the Elite line was consumers didn't know it was more powerful than N Strike. XD was designed to hammer that home and sell people the same elite blaster again in a new colour.
Companies change branding and lines all the time, I don't think anyone will care that XD is gone. I am sure they already have a way ready to re sell us the same blaster a third time!
The Dark Kitten

I wouldnt miss it i'll tell you that.
The retal you found might be one off a batch that was missing that or a defect.
The Disruptor is disrupting to your theory as that is branded as XD.
In fairness the whole Elite line is dying sadly and has made way to the Modulus line and Accustrike plus the rest of the gimmicks

The Dark Kitten wrote:
The retal you found might be one off a batch that was missing that or a defect.

To clarify, the blaster was identical, it was the packaging that didn't mention XD at all.  The distance was in the top-right corner, which matches where they've put it on the new 2016 Rough Cut packaging.

Very much like this:

The XD badge seems to be on packaging from 2014.

So it seems that in 2016 they've re-printed the packaging, kept the distances the same, but dropped the XD badge.
The Dark Kitten

How intriguing! It may be the graphic designer but i doubt it.
They have sort of thrown the colour scheme down the bin seen by the XD Hyperfire and the XD rhinoFire being blue instead of white

Case in point, Stryfe in 2014 packaging:

Then in the same shop, 2016 packaging:

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