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Are these taobao motors ok for Nerf?
That is a link for the motors i found they were cheap but i wanted to know if they are ok for a stryfe?

They are unlikely to work out cheaper than uk based motors once you add on shipping and agent fees.  Any reason you don't want to use MTB?

No, its just im buying tons of artifact stryfe stuff and might as well buy this too as they are only 2 for a pair which is very cheap if they are good enough.But would they be good enough for Nerf?

These were posted on Reddit. I assume they are the same motor as in your link. If they're running at 50k RPM then they're running far too fast for our purposes which will lead to dart slippage, foam burn and all sorts of other fun side effects.

They'll have the same sort of current requirements as MTBs so you won't be able to get away with a non-pack set up. Of course, you could use a NiMH pack instead of LiPo if you're worried about burning your house down.

Do you think that there are any other good "Nerf useable" motors on taobao?

Given that Taobao is effectively the Chinese ebay, probably. Do I, or indeed any one else, have the time to look through every listing to find them when we have a perfectly good source this side of the Great Firewall? Probably not.

If you do want to do some digging then your best bet is to look for a motor that matches the following spec: 36k RPM at between 6V and 8V, of torque, carbon brushes and a 130 can.

The only good Taobao motor I have seen is the Black Pig, they really performed under test.
I have no idea why sone of you think MTB motors represent a conspiracy to con you out if a couple of pounds. All China transactions are conducted in DOLLARS, making them very bad value for money right now, once shipping and agent fees are added, plus all these motors represent untested, over hyped crap when compared with a MOTOR SET DEVELOPED SPECIFICALLY FOR SUPERSTOCK Nerf, by PLAYERS and ENGINEERS instead of chancers and industrial surplus suppliers.
Everyone moaned that these motors had crap supply chains, changing specs and variable quality, which the COMMUNITY fixed for you and now half of you are complaining like that was a bad thing.
For 5 a Rhino represents such stupidly good value in the present climate I am at a loss as to why anyone bothers with anything else, I say that as a skeptic and previous motor importer/supplier.

^ This. It's been bothering me too for a while. We have community built motors that are widely available from a variety of sources and specifically built for this purpose. In terms of cost effectiveness and datasheet specs, MTBs are leaders in their field. Ryan did a damn fine job of getting us solid motors. Very Happy

Ha! I thought it was a coincidence the MTB precursor I'd love to know the story there.

Being new to this I can understand trying to search out the components that are going to give an edge over the current 'standard' but reading (and reading, and reading) about where the hobby's at it sounds as if the MTB motors have set such a high bar that few others come close and the real edge you can get is in your choice of flywheels, cage, and getting the max % increases from your set up.

On that subject, I don't mean to derail, but have got any data in terms of worker vs artifact vs DRS components?

OldNoob wrote:
I have no idea why sone of you think MTB motors represent a conspiracy to con you out if a couple of pounds... Bla bla...

I must admit, I've been confronted with this thinking as well recently. I think that it's for two reasons.

A. Newer players find old info where nerfers are using a plethora of different motors, only to find two types readily available.

2. Some people don't want to go to the hassle/expense of using LiPos and think that other motors don't need them (see 'A.')

I get at least 2 emails a month asking for RM2s, only to be dissatisfied with my standard response of 'Do it properly or not at all'. MTB motors are as good as you can get for the money and this comes from a friend of mine who winds his own motors for his RC hobby. They're not perfect, but they're bloody good for a fiver.

I think there's a wee bit of Nerf Fannishness going on with the MTB Motors. Not terribly, but I posted on Reddit about a blaster I have running on Falcons, and half the responses were "upgrade to Rhinos", including one from a reseller. Then one of the MTB guys came along and said "they're basically the same, don't bother", to which someone else said "No, he should upgrade"  Laughing So this sort of thing can be a bit offputting even when it's such a good product. And I suppose, with there being so much misinformation in Nerf, when good facts are repeated in the same manner as the misinformation it's easy to throw them out too.

I am an MTB skeptic, I have never liked 130's but what I do like us a motor supply I can rely on.
Until someone makes more FK180-sh3240's their motors are the most reliable at reasonable prices with proven performance. Given most of our games are currently a 130 cap and Koosh dart pooled all their motors can achieve that power level apart from Honeybadgers. Twatting about with brushed motors and single flywheel sets trying to get more power than 140 is money wasted if you ever want to use your gear. If you just want bragging rights stick a barrel on a tire gun attached to a shop compressor and shoot 600fps holes in boxes from 40 ft!
In my experience Redditt isn't a place to go for applied intellect, Falcons were a great motor, that's why they copied them. Bandwagonning gets on my tits as well.

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