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Are you addicted to Nerf?

I know this is a question but I haven't put it in the Q&A section because I didn't want to get scalded again for a low quality post  Embarassed

Every day now I find myself scouring for Nerf deals and I've had to go out a buy a big storage box to keep my blasters in, as my collection has grown from 1 blaster since Christmas to 8 blasters (including little ones).  Someone did warn me this would happen...

I now need to get more mags and darts as me and my wife spend too much time reloading mid battle.

8?... I have 80...

Is it an addiction?  Nope, it's a form of fitness, and a desire to give something back to the local community via cheap Nerf wars. If you told me I couldn't buy anymore blasters I'd be fine with that. If you told me I couldn't play anymore, I'd just find something else to do

Short answer: yes.
Longer more detailed answer: Nerf is a great alternative to other tagger sports like paintball and airsoft. Its working out and using your body, along with being creative and building the blaster that YOU want. Deploy with flywheels and a RS pusher? Could Probably be done (dips on that idea). Along with that it teaches some skills that can be pretty useful like soldering, working with tools and for some, programming. Thoose are some of the reasons i stayed in this hobby after i got in about a year ago.

Even though I only started the beginning of September and now own 70+ blasters as BG said it's not an addition, it's a great hobby with so many aspects to appeal to a range of people.
You have the fitness side, from running round at wars.
The social side, getting to meet some great new people.
The learning aspect, finding out how the blasters work and how to improve them.
It also allows you to be creative and express your individuality through designing and creating modified blasters.
Then you have my favourite side which is for those of us who are old enough to know better we get to act like kids again and have fun.
At the end of the day if I couldn't do it anymore I'd be disappointed but it wouldn't be the end of the world, been involved in a range of hobbies over the years and sure I'll move on to many more in the future but for now Nerf is great fun and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

I find myself getting frustrated if I can't play with my toys at least every other day....

I knew about Nerf guns but it never really appealed to me, until one of my kids got one for her birthday - I think I enjoyed playing with it more than she did so I got my own for Christmas.

Now I take a trip to Tesco every day as they constantly have a trickle of offers and reduced Nerf items, sometimes complete one-off randoms.

The only thing is I am a bit OCD so currently babying my blasters and treating them as museum pieces, which isn't especially practical when you charge around the house with them.  Hopefully as the "newness" wears off I'll overcome this.

I'm looking forward to the summer when we can play outdoors, although not looking forwards to trying to find all the darts afterwards  Shocked

Someone on this forum did warn me to make some storage space, and I thought, "Nah I'm just happy with my Retaliator."  That was a week or so ago, and suddenly now I have 8 blasters, and always keeping an eye out for the next deal.

I don't buy blasters often. All my cash goes on parts or darts. If there's something I want to mod I tend to look for a used one. I do have 6-8 stashed blasters awaiting mods though!

Just got a couple of second hand EATs for a reasonable price which brings my total blasters up to.. 9 I think. Personally I am happy enough with Stryfe/Roughcut for myself, but if I had a bigger hobby budget I'd probably have quite the collection going.

I am slowly starting to gather cheap blasters here and there though to use as loaners for in the future where I hope to start up some games in my area. Still need a lot of parts for my Stryfe mod first though!

I'm a pretty compulsive person tbh, if I'm into something I'm usually really into it. But I can stop any time I want!

<shivers, sweats>


<applies nerfoderm patches and drinks methafoam>

I have literally no idea how many blasters I have just now. Some I'm just selling on, probably about 30 that need some sort of fixing or restoration, plus my own "keepers" which is probably about 40 or 50. (though, lots of pistols in that, I like pistols- they're fun and easy to store)

Not entirely sure I need 5 longshots though. I guess I could cut down by half of "my" blasters pretty easily but I've no real reason to, if anything I need to worry more about time than cash or space.
Starfalcon Tactical

But at least its a fairly healthy addiction... Wink

But in all seriousness anything nerfy is better than sitting and watching TV all day. Mabye a unorthadox hobby to a non-nerfer but if I could i'd spend every free minute modding, Browsing or nerfing. But the world does require me to do other things (Study, Sleep, Eat etc.) But it can be a handy hobby when doing Electronic Engineering at IGCSE. I recently found a quote:
"If you do something you love, you'll never work a day of your life"

But we're off topic here...

YES you can get addicted to nerfing and be proud when you fly the foamy flag high!

What SF said. Apart from the GCSE bit.. I just like the pretty lights.

I used to only have a couple dotted around the house for when the odd battle broke out at home, but since going to a organized Nerf war and modding blasters to get better results then also being introduced to Britnerf, that number has climbed to plus 20 (even more if I didn't exercise restraint) and the majority of them are all modded in some way.
lol yes it does get addictive......very addictive.
For example I am not able to attend GuN14 next month due to going to Manchester to use up a very nice xmas present from the wife (and to cross 1 item off the bucket list) and that's to go and learn for the day to fly a helicopter (brilliant you say) and it is I've always wanted to learn to fly a helicopter but at the same time I am gutted beyond belief that its landed on the same day as GuN lol.

I find myself straying into the toy section of every shop I go in to check if they have Nerf or Nerf knock offs for cheap (the guys in my toys R us must be like why is this guy always shaking his head in disgust at our astronomical blaster prices) but hey I can get away with it I'm still a kid ...27 with a wife 2 kids and a mortgage *cough*.
I have been quite restrained and only have 2xEATs a stryfe a roughcut a nitefinder and a 4 victory. But after the 2017 lineup leak I think I'll be buying some more very soon!

I literally can not go into any shop with out looking at the toy section it drives my girlfriend insane

I also have to check out the Nerf section of any store we go into that might stock them, so much so the wife now also looks out for anything Nerf lol.

Even though my local Asda only has Triads and darts ever in stock I will still check a few times a week when I go there just in case.

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