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The Dark Kitten

Artifact Breech Opinions

Are they duff and not worth it or is there more to it than i can see.
I was watching Oldnoobs shoot out with it and the jams seem to be a real pain.
Is that a one time thing or what?
And if it is do people think there's potential in Artifact?
To be honest the aesthetic of them look great and the idea sounds excellent.
So what are your opinions forum?

The darts are absolutely crap, all the downsides of ACC's and nothing like the flat Sili tip style we were hoping for. The mags are OK. If you want to trial mine with cut down Koosh at GuN I will send you my Retal plus two mags as I am not using it much. It's on a you broke it you bought it basis obviously.
I would say build a good brass breech instead, cheaper, more power because there's no dead space and you can build for stock darts.
If you want a budget Stefan shooting solution check out an old episode of Pwnd on Psysk’s channel, it's from last year, it features a "Ben Beech" which is a brassed based pusher design, almost identical in concept to the Artifact design.
The Dark Kitten

Thank you ON that was very useful advise - leave the darts use cut down ones.
PM incoming

I'm doing a sleeper brass breech on my Rampage based on Spectre nerfs design. It will fire Elites and Koosh perfectly, I didn't want to limit myself to specific darts at wars and it seemed the best option.

I've done a semi-sleeper breech on my retaliator (ie just improved the seal on the bolt, leaving in the air restrictor) and it has made a noticeable difference to fit and air seal. Fires koosh like a trooper.

Excellent! I have been discussing it with Spectre Nerf quite allot. He did a full sleeper on an EAT and said it's hitting the 120+ FPS mark, that's with a 5kg OMW spring and AR removed.
The Dark Kitten

If i don't like the breech i will work on a brass breach especially with the supplies i have on the side - lots of brass!
Thanks for the advice everyone! Will defiantly put it all to good use don't worry.
Really i just want an almost tier one retaliator and since i have a Gavin Fuzzy pump kit on the way i thought i get started.

Many thanks again.
I'll post my verdict on the Artifact kit once i've had chance to sample it.
It should show up on the review section sooner or later
Cheers again


Just spotted this in my eBay feed.....
The Dark Kitten

old_man_nerf wrote:
Just spotted this in my eBay feed.....

Shhhhh just doing a write up on these.

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