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Artifact flywheel cages

I received my 2 artifact flywheel cages today.  I bought them off Taobao through and they took just over two weeks to arrive.

They feel pretty solid overall.  I'll add some pic shortly once I get an imgur account but I thought I'd answer some of the likely questions:

-They are provided with plenty of screws to mount your motors BUT the screws aren't long enough to bite into the screw port on an MTB Hellcat.  The provided screws work fine with MTB Rhinos and I'll update the thread when I try the MTB Honeybadgers

-Buychina packed them well I'm 3 layers of bubble wrap and there was no issues

-2 cages weighed under 200g (I paid for up to 500g just in case) so you can save a little on postage

- shipping was via DHL ePacket and was traceable online - it was delivered by Royal Mail recorded delivery and had to be signed for at the Post Office as I was out on delivery day.

Overall these are a bit of an indulgence but I'm certainly looking forward to using the in my next two builds

Which blaster are these for rapid Strike?

Rapidstrike or Stryfe as far as I know (not seen the inside of a Demolisher to confirm...)

Can't quite make out in the pictures but are the motor parrellel or canted slightly

They look beautiful! You will have to let us know how it performs, I'm seriously considering getting one for my RS build

How did you find them, what did you type in your search? I've tried all sorts but coming up blank.
daniel k

That's not a flywheel cage, that's *coughs* "STF / E universal fine universal flywheel flywheel warehouse warehouse". Got to love Chinese translations, one of the reasons I have so much of brand stuff Very Happy

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