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Auto rayven design

I've been working the past few months on an auto rayven design that can easily slot into the shell with no cutting. Heres what I made

It works for me and im hoping that by sharing it any unknown kinks can be found and fixed. I always did prefer the rayven to the stryfe.
I made a video explaining everything below.


Please do not just put a link to an external source like this. It's not good forum etiqutte and people here want to see great oringinal content not just a youtube link. Consider editing this post to include some technical infirmation or pictures so we can all see your cool stuff. Prefferably soneyhing not shown in your video.


Sales pitch aside, I applaud you for the work you've obviously put in to get it working in the cramped butt.  I don't know a whole lot about 3D Printing (or Rayvens to be honest) but getting all the pieces so flush seems hard work that's paid off.  I like the fact that you're considering future modding potential as well.
Few questions..
What testing have you given it?
Are you using any lube on the pusher?
Have you got the data sheet for the motor?
How many darts per second is it capable of?

I have used my kit for about 1.5 months. Testing reliability of shooting two or three shots at a time  or full auto in games,and it works. I tested two types of motor and settled on this one as it has the best torque for this ROF. You can use a slower ROF with more torque if you want.

I haven't used live but I thing that would be a great idea to help.

Here is the website where you can see all the motors. They are the same size but have different ratings. I used the 6V 625 RPM high power motor.  And it gets about 9 darts per second.

Way cool!

How well do you think the printed gearing will hold up to the punishment over time?

That looks amazing!
Will you be sharing the STLs?

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