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Auto stryfe? nah. I prefer Rayvens.

Will bring this out soon! Although it is still in a "beta testing" phase as it were.

What do you think?
The Dark Kitten

Wow. One word explains all.
Is it micro computer or 100% hardware?
All round i might have to work on a rayven to use this.
I was going with using a RS pusher in a longshot stock rayven but now maybe i might have to reconsider.
Will it be requiring large switches and lots of space cutting?
Just really really curious!


Throws money at screen.

That is so awesome!!! I've always loved the form factor and compactness of rayvens, and this makes them like 10 time better!!

Damn it, I'm going to have to buy a rayven now lol.

That's brilliant! I love Rayvens and that's fantastic!

*Rummages through boxes for Rayvens*

Looks phenomenal. Any details on how it works or is it all super hush hush?

It is a Mechanical system, using a rack and pinion like the auto stryfe kit. The challenge was to make it all fit within the shell.
   There is a small geared motor which turns the gear, running off 9V from a 6x AAA battery pack in the stock. All linked through a micro switch by the trigger.
   The Problem with it is that sometimes if you have a fully stacked 18 mag(e.g. the top dart has lots of pressure on it and is hard to push out) then the system can struggle. But 17 darts always work and burst fire is reliable.
   To get a high ROF I had to buy a sort of expensive motor, but If you wanted you could get a slower RPM motor for cheaper. Definatly need to upgrade to a lipo if you want consistent performance on full auto, as even with IMR's the wheels are slowing down too much between shots. But 3-round burst has been working fine.

I have a Rayven I've left stock, but I now know its destiny. I have the mightiest need.

You need to get your head around packs, then you can power everything off one power source. Include a control switch to allow wiring for cycle control like in a centre live rapidstrike and you will be acres ahead of the competition.

Actually I need a specific power supply to the pusher motor which is different to the flywheel motors, so I'd need extra electronics to regulate that which would incur extra cost to the customer. Also, I already have built in the platform to perform cycle control. However it ended up being unnecessary with the mechanics of this system.

Would you be able to post (or PM if you're uncomfortable divulging it publicly yet) a link to the gearmotor you're using? If it's up to the job on paper I'd warrant to bet at least some of the issues you're having with firing from full mags is due to the 6 AAA cells being unable to supply any meaningful current without experiencing a significant voltage sag (AA cells are bad enough with just a pair of low power stock motors).

I agree with OldNoob - if you can I'd try and run everything from a single pack even if that means using a gearbox that can accept 130/180 size motors and letting the end user choose what to install themselves based on their own pack/RoF requirements. The RS box has a ratio of 60:1 so something close to, or slightly lower than, that would be ideal for motor compatibility (I've seen 48:1 right angle boxes that come with, and accept, 20mm flat can motors like 130s and 180s). Adding the provision for a cycle control switch also would be preferable but not essential (again, even if it meant the end user could choose to fit one or not) as it just makes the cycling action more consistent as you don't have a delay, however slight, between pulling the trigger and firing off a shot (especially if the pusher is partially extended from the previous shot).

TBH if you want to sell it (which I'm guessing you do) you probably need a solution that doesn't depend on packs, too many people would be put off by it otherwise. Even lots of fairly confident modders see it as wychcryft.

Rayvens still suck balls but this is the least sucky Rayven ever so, top prize.

Nice work!!! How can I get the kit? Dang it, now I need a rayven!

I wouldn't buy or recommend any system that requires a separate pack,  the single power source version needs to be at least an option, as does cycle control.

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