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Babygiraffe2006 Blue Koosh Dart Review

I bough the 200 pack recently and have been toying through the 1st 100 today.

The foam looks pretty similar to elites but they are noticeably thicker as you load mags it's evident what dart type is being used.

Quality control seems a bit hit and miss in the 1st 4 packs of 20 nearly half had excess glue spilling out of the tips creating large lumps around the sides.
I removed most of this but it was evident in some cases the glue was integral to the structure and if removed the tip would fall off.

When I got to the last pack the glue type changed from a hard flakey type glue to a soft malleable and almost still wet feeling glue. Only about 4 darts had over spill but tip colour was varied across the range, these however seem to be the better darts.

I'll be able to review how they shoot after this Saturdays war

Pics below comparing typical length vs an elite and also shows glue spill


Maybe still working through old stock??
I got a few hundred of the lime green from BW12 and they were all pretty good

I've had 100 blue from babygiraffe and have found much the same, there's not much difference from the gen 2 blue i've got.

So far i've had black, blue, yellow and orange from babygiraffe, and the yellows are by far the best
super gripper

I have a thousand gen 3 koosh darts from various sellers and some are good and some are pants, you pay your moneys and you get what you get. they are after all cheeeaaaaap......

a day of playing with these darts and i can confirm they are brilliant they shoot accurately over long distances i didn't have a single jam that wasn't due to my poor priming.

i shot some yellow gen 3 and they all seemed to fishtail, they were scavenged but looked in good nick ... i dunno maybe they were misshaped?

overall i am very pleased with these and the overspill glue is not a bad price to pay to get koosh much quicker than from china.

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