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Back for some more - GuN 13 - January 14 - Farsley Chapel

Spring(er) into the New Year with a blast at the sort of 1 year anniversary of GuN.

Looks like it's going to be a busy day for Nerf events so if you don't fancy going to Devon or Bristol come to see us instead!

Please note - due to the high numbers of attendees at some of the events over the past year we will be introducing a 'ticketing system' in time for the March event. The event will still be free/donations only but this will allow us to control the number of attendees which will hopefully improve the experience for all concerned. A two month lead in to this gives us time to inform as many possible attendees as we can to make sure everyone has a fair chance of coming.

Date and Time
Saturday 14th January 12:30 - 16:00(ish depending on light conditions)  

The war will be located at the Church of the Latter-Day Saintsl, Priesthorpe Road, Farsley, LS28 5JZ

Grim Up Nerf is free to attend, but all attendees are invited to contribute the princely sum of £1 towards darts, materials etc so that we can keep doing it!

Loaner Blasters
We are aiming to reduce the pool of loaner blasters (ask Santa, he'll understand your needs and requirements) so some pistol blasters may be available but don't count on it. The dart pool will be over flowing as usual Smile

Game rules will be explained before each round.

Age Restrictions
To keep Grim Up Nerf an accessible to all community, we have a recommended minimum age for players of 8 years old. We have found that kids under this age can struggle to prime a blaster, don't fully understand our rules, and have a lower pain threshold. It is at a parents discretion if they want a 6 or 7 year old to play.

All players under 16 years old need a parent to remain on the site throughout the event, and 16 to 18 year old need a permission form signed by their parents.

Safety and Behaviour
1 - We expect blasters to be in original or brightly coloured schemes, with an orange tip. I.e. nothing to alarm the locals or other building users. We won’t be slowing down to assess performance so if you’re primary is modded and there is any chance it might be judged as over powered make sure you have a backup on hand.
2 - We will be providing ALL Koosh/Elite darts to be used at the event. If your blaster requires a different dart type, such as discs, mega darts, or missiles, you are expected to provide these yourself. No FVJ's are allowed.
3 - Eye protection is required and some will be provided, glasses users do so at their own risk.
4 - Anyone under 18 requires parental permission, and under 16's require a chaperone. Consider it an excuse to get your dad or mum playing.
5 - Between games you are expected to help recover and reload darts. Weapons must be holstered, slung, or placed on tables in an unloaded state between games.
6 - If it's not your's, don't touch it without asking
7 - Any abusive, threatening or rascist behaviour won't be tolerated.
8 - By attending, we consider this acceptance of the above rules, and your acknowledgement that Nerfing is not without risk, and that you are playing under your own will, and will not hold anyone else liable for any injuries that occur.
9 - No smoking, drug taking, drinking, or swearing on the chapel premises.
10 - And above all else, it's only a game, have fun, and don’t be a silly billy!‎

Wohoo  Yep we'll be there!!!

Plus I agree the ticket scheme should help control numbers and ages.

I will be attending; being this is an anniversary event, I will be attending over BB (I think).

Unfortunately don't think my wallet will stretch to a trip down in January or Feb, hopefully make it for March at the latest.

I'll be there!

If my 35 round drum with christmassy tape and bguk on it, or my white triad with the air restrictions removed, turn up, can they be passed onto MrCrane to be handed back to me.

Lost property from GuN11 was handed over to Justajolt

Still got all the lost property stored so if it's in that bag I'll pass it on.

I've seen the Triad around! I'll get it to Mr Crane!

Yes please!
Ill be going, but have to check with ben and anton.

Anybody want a Modulus? Bought three from Tesco BNIB earlier for £13.85 each, not looking to profit just thought others might not have the opportunity to grab one, £15 each so there's no messing around with coinage etc and they are yours.

I'm not messing around with postage so that's why this post is here, if no one wants them I'll get a friend to stick them on eBay in a month or so when they are expensive again Smile

I'll be there! I've just won a hall on eBay that I'm picking up on the way!


All kit is packed (including skuzzers gloves!).

Sun is booked.

Cakes are brought (thanks Ken!).

Games planned.

Good to go!

Have fun guys, wish i was on my way down as well.

Dress warmly if you're planning on hiding outside in the bushes and 5n33pin9! Tis set to be a cold one!

Lipo'd are currently charging, bag sorted ready and snacks/food and fuel to be collected tomorrow am

Have a great time guys!

Lipo fully charged and balanced, the Green Goblin is good to go !!!!

Can we have a local weather report please?

The sun is trying to come out. Not too cold. Should be fine for running around outside!

Sun is finally out - bright blue skies!

We set off a bit late. ETA of 1:10pm.

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