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Bantermans WTB/WTS

WTS- Modded Longshot Internals.

This is a set of Modified Longshot internals with a air restrictor removed and a 11 kg springload,
I can include the bipod too. I am open to any offers please PM me those offers.

WTB- Nerf sweet revenge holster

If you have any of these please pm me offers.

WTS- Stampede Internals.

This is a Set of full Stampede internals with the stock wire loom too. If you have any of these please pm me offers.
Merry Christmas and Happy flinging foam.


Rather than have several threads I have made you one tidy thread that you can edit and bump each time you want something. To save boff from combusting before Christmas I have tideied the rest of your threads. All the listings are in this one.

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