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Barrel extentions and accuracy question

I have been trying out the Modulas barrel extention I got with my modulas esc-10 and I have noticed when attached the darts seem to fire off center.
Without it darts tent to go straight (ish) when it is attached they seem to always hit further to the right of where I am aiming. Tried this on two differnt blasters. Is this normal?


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Flywheel "accuracy" is a function of precision and dart choice. Precision is how well you built your flywheel cage, how well matched the flywheels are etc. Darts are simply a matter of how heavy they are and what the weight distribution is.
Nobody uses barrel extensions to do anything except lower the velocity of the dart or carry a pump grip on the Retal/Recon 2. They have almost no value beyond that or cosmetics.
I would start by getting some Gen 3 Koosh or X tip waffle darts to try, both are cheap and fly very well vs elites.

I have some Chinese harder tipped ones I have been shooting with. I tried the same extention on both my modulas and tri strike same effect on both really makes darts veer to the right. So looks like spring or flywheel do not matter. I am Guessing bad extention. I'll stick to the advice and leave them off for now unless I need the rails sorted something.

I have some x head ones ordered actually will see how they fly. May be a whole as slow boat from china lol

If the off brand darts you gave are totally solid tipped, with a fiat end, they are FVJ. If they don't fly straight then your barrel is likely wonky. Easy to check. Also fake "rifled" inner barrel is bad for precision. We all use the old N Strike fluted.

Oh did you gave a picture of the one you are using. I'll try and have a good look at the barrel later see if it is bent.

Yes they are flat ended and hard plastic.


The original modulus barrel extension you get is shocking in how wobbly it is.

It may be as simple an issue as the darts clipping it on the way out. Maybe you can fix this if you stiffen up the attachment.

Thanks for the tips. I looked through it. It does not look bent. Going to do some test fires tonight

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