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Barricade Mod

Here's my latest blaster for the Foam Dart Thunder events.

I've run with clip-fed blasters for a while, but i now think the format of the events lends itself better to a front loader.


I've not done much compared to some efforts on here, but i'm happy with the result.

Full rewire / locks removed.
Flywheels replaced with Stockade ones.
Shell modified to accept Blastersmiths 45mm Split Picatinny Rail
Worker Shoulder stock
Worker hand grip

I've been trying it out around the house with 2 x IMRs and a dummy cell, but I think this maybe fires too hard for an event where there are lots of kids, so may revert back to standard cells

2 IMR is under the power of the 5kg Slingfire I sold to FDT. You are barely topping 90fps, definately kid safe, I run mixed kids/occasional adult games in a far tighter space than FDT and that would be allowed at my event easily.

Very nice... I like the style of this.  Not fussed on the yellow, but it's stubby front looks good.

Looks the business to me, loving the compactness it'll be an awesome skatepark blaster

I ran the incisor with 2 x imr's at the last event and got a few "ouches!" Which i thought was weird as nobody used to bother about the rebarrelled rotofury that im sure hits way harder 🤔.

Just use it , they'll soon toughen up 😈

Out of interest can you use any other flywheels or do only stockades fit ? And I know the motors are good but can it take anything else in there ?

I could be wrong, but aren't Barricade motors better than stockade motors?

Barricade motors and indeed Amy 130 can is better than Stockade motors, they are a flat can design and totally hopeless for modding.
Flywheels- Any apart from modulus ones will fit. Avoid RS ones as they are rubbish!

Sorry to de-rail the thread, i was just wondering if it would be better to mod the barricade I have lying in a box or grab a cheap stockade and stick the baricade mottors in it ?

The Barricade would be easier to modify, in that the stock motors are decent and there are readily available aftermarket options aswell, although you will need new flywheels to effectively use "streamline" Elite/Koosh darts with it. If you don't mind sacrificing one for the other you could use the Stockade flywheels with the Barricade motor cage (along with whatever 130/180 motors take your fancy) and put that whole motor/flywheel block into either the Stockade or Barricade shell. You can mount 130s/180s in the Stockade cage with a few M2 laptop screws and/or shims, or you could even fit larger motors like RC/RK-260/280/370 motors (RC or RK-370 motors should be the best drop-in replacement for Stockade motors which I think are RE or RF-300 equiv. i.e. 24.4mm dia.), but a straight swap with the Barricade cage is likely the simpler option if you do prefer Elite blue to N-Strike yellow.

I forgot to say I used barricade motors too.

I'll try the IMRs out at Zone 74, I hear they're a bit tougher in the West  Very Happy

Nice one mate - look forward to seeing it in action. I may well be playing at Zone again so..... Wink

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