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Barricade motor questions.

Didn't want to hijack Mr Crains barricade post but I have a few questions myself. I have a couple of them lying about and was wondering if the motors would provide any significant increase in performance with a rewired Stryfe running 3 IMR'S? Don't want to upgrade my sons blasters to Rhino and lipo yet but just wanted to get as much Fps as possible out of it just now?

Think it's what Dusty runs in his stryfe/crossbolt combo.

Will be over the limit for IMR in current terms, about 5-6A EACH but for short duration games probably fine.

I'm running Barricade motors on Rayven wheels in my Rayven, with 3 IMRs powering (plus a rewire). Shooting anywhere from 70-110fps dependent on dart, though probably averaging ~85fps overall. No issues so far

Performance won't be much (if at all) better than Stryfe/Rayven motors on 3S although Barricade motors (Standard Motor Company rather than generic no-brand) do appear to be more reliable. They are still metal brush motors, and so won't last forever, but should last a little longer than most Stryfe motors. If you do want to run them for a while then swapping in carbon brushes is still recommended, otherwise run them (or the Stryfe motors) until they die and swap in Rhinos or Hellcats at that point.

Barricade motors likely draw more current than Stryfe/Rayven motors (they supposedly draw more current than Rhinos!). As mentioned, you may be pushing it with IMRs.

I have that setup in my Fearless Fire (basically because I wanted to tune the performance with different batteries, and I didn't want to use any nice parts). It's definitely correct that it pushes the capabilities of my IMRs a little, but that's never actually turned into a problem so I've just filed it under fahgeddabadit. One of those "not optimal but works decently" choices.

(aside; I keep meaning to test a 2S2P IMR setup against a 3S1P just to see what happens)

I use barricade motors with 3IMRs in my Battle Badger (Incisor), Rayven and even my Barricade! They get 100-110 fps depending on flywheels (Worker seems to perform well, especially in Badger!)

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