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Barricade Rear-Loading Mod

I've been wanting to do this for some time, so since it's Christmas, I thought I'd treat myself! Again, not pretty or particularly original, but I've enjoyed doing it and I'll also enjoy using it ^_^

This is already a 100fps blaster, with worker flywheels, 18AWG rewire and usually run off 3IMRS as on this thread

To make it rear-loadable, I've dremmelled out the rear ends of the turret's chambers.

The non-moving-parts-side of the shell (left hand side, pointing the barricade away from yourself) has been given the jolt treatment: hacksaw and dremmel till it exposed two chambers. I chose this side because I'm right handed and I've had most success with this blaster as as a primary.

I can now reload two chambers from the rear of the blaster! I'm still considering either chopping away enough to gain access to an extra chamber above the two already exposed, or repeating what I've already done to the other half of the shell, but I'm wary or removing too much plastic and sacrificing structural integrity.

I'm happy with the way this has turned out. Just another feature which I'll enjoy having whilst using what's already one of my favourite blasters! Thanks again to ON for the original inspiration through his Thrifty Nifty Barricade mod Youtube video

EDIT: It's actually not a great stretch of the imagination to consider opening up a chamber above or below what's already accessible...

UK Foam

Looks great but reckon you could use a bit of sand paper to tidy that up! Don't want to be shredding darts as you shove them in!

Are you going to change the rev switch?
The Dark Kitten

Very very nice Jolt!
Even with it only having the 2 dart holes (?) open i can see it being quite a bit of a hand during wars.

I should sand-paper those up!

There are only two holes at the moment. I'm looking forward to seeing how useful it is. I keep thinking about doing it to some other front loaders too.

I think a couple of extra seconds being able to load darts without turning the blaster around to look might be useful (not as useful as a Stryfe and 10-odd mags, some might say, but I'm experimenting with "travel light" loadouts ^_^).

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