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I want my next Nerf war endeavour to stand out from the stuff I did at Grim Up Nerf, and one thought I had for doing this was to make the battlefield adjustable, so if I ended up using the same sports hall month on month, it wouldn't start to feel stale.

My initial thought was these inflatable barricades, which I have used before at my daughters birthday party. There were 2 major issues... one is size, 4 of these come in a HUGE crate, probably equal in size to all the gear I used to take to GuN, the second issue was cost, they work out around 82 each when bought as the 20 pack

On discord, Sparky clued me into this video by Jangular where he goes over a simple pvc pipe cover design.

So last month I popped online and ordered some 16mm pipe and parts. And set straight to work building, roughly to Jangular 1' and 3' dimensions when they arrived. Cut with a hacksaw, this took less than 20 minutes to measure, cut and assemble.

Trouble with 16mm pipe is its not very strong and that's sagging under the weight of the camo net, and the outer diameter is not very consistent, some pipes are a good tight fit in the T junctions and the 90* bends, other are so lose they fall out at the slightest touch. The base was also not very stable at all

So this month, I ordered again, this time 20mm, and more of it. I also got pipe cement, and a pipe cutter (works great for getting a guide line for the hacksaw but even though it's rated to 22mm, won't cut thru 20mm). 20 mm seems more consistent in outer diameter and all pipes are a nice snug fit. My other changes are I've added 4 more 90* bends to each frame, creating a cross beam on the base which massively improves the balance, I reduced his 6" piece between the T's down to about 2", and I made all the sides about 3'2".
(This is because I'm using 1m x 1m camo nets as they are about 2.39 from China on ebay)

I've used to buy my pipe. 20mm works out cheaper than 16mm in the end as they do packs of the 20mm fittings, reducing the cost.

I've got a load of the foam workshop/gym mats that are about 2' square, because reasons. Anyway, when messing around with some friends after a workshop session, we found that you can actually make semi reasonable 3D boxes out of them. Ok, they're not the most stable of items, but if you make a 4'x2' column, it'll stand up on its own, or lie down pretty well, and if you have a few of them in a small area, provides a degree of cover for people.

Again, not ideal, but it's surprising how many people have a couple of sets kicking about.

What's more, a lot of yoga classes use the thicker ones that are about an inch thick, and sometimes larger; closer to 3' square. They build an even more stable fort!

I've got some of them, never thought of using them to build shapes... they are currently acting as basic insulation on my workshop floor!

What pipe cutters did you get?  If they're similar to these you may find it easier to turn the pipe as cutting pressing lightly, then cut all the way through after scoring the surface at least half of the way around.

I was expecting something to do with the N-strike barricade, but this is likely more interesting.

How do these cost to make? I am assuming from the OP these are 1m square, do you find that is big enough to provide adequate protection?

I got a cheaper version of those cutters from eBay, it's fine, like I say, provides a nice guide line that I can then hacksaw thru, still takes less than 20 mins to cut!

They work out at about 12 per barricade with the camo net, it's about 9 to 10 of pipe and parts, depending on how much you order at once, and then 2 to 4 for camo nets depending if you want China and a wait or a uk seller

In terms of how useful they are, hard to tell I've only built and used one for an in-house war with the kids, it survived them hiding behind it, but the camo net means it isn't perfect protection

That's still a genius idea, though, and I can see it taking up lots less space to store than 20 or so king size cardboard boxes!

My 1mx1m camo nets arrived today, so here is 20mm pipe version assembled, with the top and side poles threading thru the camo nets internal netting

Highly empirical testing (wife, disruptor, 30 waffle tip darts) shows that the nets stop about 50% of shots

Was "soft" cover your original goal? By that I mean do you want some darts to get through?

Yeah. Like I say, I've tried those inflatable walls, and the war stagnated a bit, it was people taking potatoes at people's heads as the popped up meerkat style...

With the soft cover, it's a) cheap b) not 100% effective, so it will force players to keep moving rather than bunkering down.

I'll do some full cover versions, probably like Jangular did with a fabric sleeve as well

ScoutsIX-3 wrote:
Was "soft" cover your original goal? By that I mean do you want some darts to get through?

Having darts go through cover sometimes means that you don't get a person with an RS in a corridor unloading a mag as soon as they see a person.

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