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UK Foam

Bath and Bristol Area Nerf War

Hi I am from the Bath and Bristol area and was hoping to gain some interest for a local Nerf event.

The proposal...

Date: January 2nd-3rd / 9th-10th / 17th-18th (Please post which weekend would be suit you).

Time: 10:00 arrival / 10:30 Briefing / 12:30 Lunch Break / 14:30 End Play / 15:00 Finish

Location: Leafy Lane AFC Football grounds.
( To be further discussed and dependent on those coming. (Previous destinations in the Bristol or Bath area that are recommended would be considered).

Game Type: Humans vs Zombies (open to other suggestions too).

Safety: Must bring eye protection/ must have consent from parents if under that age of 16/ please bring personal first aid and medication.

Please bring loners blasters for those joining without any equipment.
Do bring your own ammunition (standard stock or koosh)
Bring two tone blasters (No blaster or realistic permitted)
Invite friends.
Lets try and get a minimum of 20 interested.

The first question everyone is going to ask is what's the FPS limit.
I am a possible, is the venue outside or inside? It will be well past dark by 17.00 if you are outside.
UK Foam

Time noted and what would you consider safe for HvZ?
Less than 200fps?
The location is outside

I would look at a cut off time of 15.00, allowing time for people to pick up any darts and tidy the location in daylight.
EDIT- noticed the changed time- good plan. Consider making the briefing start at 10.30 then game start at 11, to allow time for people to get sorted and kitted.
200 FPS will leave a welt, I would suggest 130fps for HvZ, which covers overvolted flywheelers and springers up to 10kg with stock breech systems. I very much doubt that anyone will bring anything that can top that limit. HvZ is good with stock stuff too, you only have to hit someone 6ft away.
Another thing to consider- is the site closed or public? If it's public land it's worth asking for all blasters and mags to be bright colours.

I have been looking at the site, does the play area include the wooded area towards Box hill? If so that is better than a big open field. Traditional HvZ in an open field is almost impossible for Zombies (dart proof spitters excluded!) against even remotely competant humans. Given the zombie has to approach within arms reach against a blaster that is almost guaranteed to tag them at 10-30ft cover is useful. Not full on woods, but at least some patches of bushes etc. You can play rounds type BUZAN style HvZ, with things like a 10 second stun and 10 second immunity but that can be hard on less fit and younger players.

EDIT 2- the Oznerfnerd Longshot only hits 130fps. Good luck running a brass breeched LS in HvZ! 10k brass is about 125-140 depending on quality of build. I can bring the chrono if I come up, then you can check it.

Any extra queries or gear you might need, put in a PM, it keeps the thread relevant. I would also read Boffs original Briswar HvZ thread and use some of his ideas if you intend it to be a traditional HvZ game.

EDIT-3 I would make people eat lunch in game (because I am evil,) the apocalypse doesn't stop just because you need a pasty...
UK Foam

Thanks for your help! That rules out my longshot then Wink
yes I was thinking 150 myself but assumed some people would want some tough springers.

Ps thanks for the rewire RS video, making a start on mine soon!

Ballistic lethality thresholds as determined by the Home Office are set at 1.35J for fully automatic blasters and 2.5J for semi-automatic or single action. Essentially, you can't go above ~170FPS for FA (based on a 1g Koosh round, FVJs will be lower) without a firearms license and someone else can do the maths for SA. Just as an FYI. Smile I'd recommend 170FPS as an upper limit, given that most modified blasters are in the low 100s, you've got plenty of head room if you're mandating eye protection.

My BrisWar thread is here. I'm out of action for January so won't be able to attend but we can offer advice and support from here. First, and foremost, is to point out you're not going to get 20 players just by advertising here on the forum. You'll need a wider appeal - there are plenty of GC players that need the hard skill blaster practice around Bristol that I might be able to advertise to. I can also see if there are any BUZAN players that are up for it but students tend to be pretty insular and prefer to stick to their own events - particularly when they're run weekly.

Good luck. Any questions, just ask.

If I am a zombie and some twat shoots me in the face with a 170fps blaster the home office will be the least of their worries.
This also appears to be a public space that s being proposed.
UK Foam

Thanks for the help chaps. Being a student teacher I have little time myself to do extensive research but that has really helped.

I'll see where this thread goes and see if I can gather some more interested!

Hm, i can probably come, ill see who else first tho as its 4 hour drive

I can probably make it. I'd be travelling over from London if anyone wanted to car share.

UKNerfWar wrote:
I can probably make it. I'd be travelling over from London if anyone wanted to car share.

I was gonna ask you that, but i was waiting before you replied to it, if i can come i think we could carshare as im like 10-15mins from you
UK Foam

The destination is literally along the M4 from london!

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