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Battery Advice - Best non-rechargable for LED work

What's the best non-rechargeable for LED work?

Whatever solution id like to keep at 3v output if possible and would be powering a significant amount of LEDs. Lets say 10 plus.
I know how to and I am prepared to put batteries in parallel.

Since you've decided to go for non-rechargeable the obvious choice is standard Alkalines.

After that the choice becomes purely about capacity and size. Get the biggest batteries that you can cram into the void and you won't have to change them very often. The obvious choice would be AAA or AA as the holders are cheap but if you're very limited on space the little lithium coin cells are handy.

With ten plus you are going to be over coin cell level. I would take SSGT's advice and use a single IMR rechargeable. If you have a master on off switch it won't be any more volatile than an Alkaleak and will power the leds easily.

Thank you both.

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