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Belt drive

Hey guys, had a few ideas bouncing around in my head and was wondering if anyone has tried replacing flywheels with a belt drive. Would effectively be 2 flywheels on each side linked via a rubber belt, the belt would have better grip and a larger surface area acting on accelerating the dart. If my memory of physics is correct the longer an object is accelerating for the higher the velocity  so as the dart would be accelerating through the length of the belt it should leave the blaster at a higher velocity. (Been nearly 20 years since I learnt any of this so could be completely wrong)

Bet Hasbro wish they'd thought of that.......


Belts like a conveyor/track have an upper RPM limit where they shed from the wheels. They would have to be toothed on the drive side and have a tensioner. You are adding a ton of extra parts and friction to the motor load vs a flywheel as well.
Whilst theoretically possible it's simply not worth it for performance.

Thanks ON was hoping someone with a bit more knowledge might be able to say weather it would work and if it would be worth trying

Are you thinking about two conveyor belts to replace the flywheels?

It's an interesting idea but with drive belts you loose tension around halfway between the two pulleys and the belts tend to sag. In this area you'll loose almost all grip on the dart so the only areas of decent contact will be at the pulleys. You'll essentially end up with a belt driven afterburner setup.

Direct drive is best for this application. Anything else will introduce inefficiency and points of failure which we don't really want.

interesting concept, i think it would be possible if properly designed and was well engineered. But for the time and effort this would take you would have to be seriously committed and prepared for disappointment if there were no gains from it.

to keep the belt from sagging in the middle you could support it with bearings, much like the tracks on a tank.

Yeah I think it would need bearings to make it work but sounds like all the effort wouldn't be worth much if any gain, glad to be able to bounce ideas off you guys and get the benefit of your knowledge and experience before jumping head first into it like I usually would lol

I tend to just build something first.
Then when it fails I can blame physics/science/these guys for not telling me it wouldn't work.

OldNoob wrote:
these guys for not telling me it wouldn't work.

We always tell you when it won't work, you just don't listen. Razz

But yeah, belt drives without the use of serpentine drives and all sorts of faff aren't worth it. Direct drive with flywheels all the way.

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