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Best front Sling point for a Rampage

This has been bugging me for a good while now.
I've got a Rampage and a Blastersmiths sling and while it's a doddle to get a good sling point on the stock I'm not really happy with how it's connecting at the front. I've wrapped the sling connector velcro around the 'age' for the rampage logo. The balance feels a bit off there and while it hasn't slipped I do worry that it would.
Has anyone else found a good solution for this?

I use one of these as shown here, as you do, zero slippage in 2 years use. I like the sling away from the forward position of the pump as I have a horizontal grip-

You can also use a triangular picture mount with shock cord loop, screwed in, or  better still bolted through the shell as shown here-

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