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Best knockoff vortex discs?

Anyone got a recommendation for 3rd party discs? I've got a motley assortment of old oe discs and random ebay knockoffs but the copies are very variable, some have a fairly protruding centre and don't feed as well as stock, others don't fly as well... Some of the copies are really good, but, they're the ones I got with a blaster so I don't know where to get more  Rolling Eyes Any recommendations?

(I have a dinged up Nitron in the garage, seems like time to supercharge it  Laughing )

The ebay chinese knockoffs i've got are ok in the diatron and revonix, cause occasional jams in the pyragon mainly in slamfire mode, and don't work at all in my proton

The protuding centre seems to be the main problem in the proton

I was after better disks after getting jams from the normal copy disks in my blasters and didn't want to keep taking the fiddly locks out.
Ordered the knock off glow in the dark version from china after I saw in the pictures that the plastic is semi transparent and thinner, more like the genuine Nerf disks.
Arrived yesterday and can confirm they are much better build quality and have no protrusion above the foam.
Guess the glow plastic is more expensive so they use less?!?
Find them on eBay, not super cheap but worth it.

(Link now added)

I have used the ones Dart magnet has recommended above, they work fine as a disk just dot expect amazing things from the glow in the dark part

Cheers guys, ordered!

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