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Best place to buy darts?

Looking to try and get some darts at a reasonable price in time for Hendon next weekend anyone know of a reliable seller that I can use?


If it has a question mark in it its a question, please don't put in General. ON


Bguk ordered some koosh off a UK seller a few weeks back. I'm sure he'll be along shortly with the details.

Buy Koosh from BabyGiraffe on eBay. Bagged not boxed but fast post. Buy now.
Link here , yellow foam is best right now.

eBay darts are bad, unless their koosh, most of them are fvj's and have hard tips that hurt are close range

Sorry still trying to work out the best place to post different topics will know for next time and thanks for the help I'll get some ordered now

OldNoob beat me to it.

You have two choices, Chinese koosh are cheaper in the long run at 5 for 100, but have a long wait.

In order to get them in time for Hedon war, use babygiraffe

Yellow withstands a lot of punishment, and are easier to find

Ordered some from baby giraffe,  estimated delivery is Tuesday  Very Happy unfortunately my browser decided to change from yellow to blue and I didn't spot it until after order hopefully I can get it changed

The yellow may be out of stock. Blue is ok, just a shade less durable. If you are wearing yellow safety specs the blue actually stands out very well in grass.

Other alternative is to wait for sales in supermarkets, but that's very unpredictable!

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