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Big Blast Longstrike

As mentioned in the work in progress post of this, I began this build after I bought this off of my friend. After holding and messing about with it for around ten minutes, I decided that it needed to maintain its 'sniper status'. A huge thanks to chris_ngale for providing the tank used in this build!

Components and Materials -

- 5mm Polycarbonate
- 10mm M4 Bolts
- M4 Nuts
- 200mm M4 Stud
- M4 Washers
- 17/32 brass tubing
- 9/16 brass tubing
- Devcon
- CA Glue

I started by removing any plastic that would prevent the tank from fitting, this icluded most of the bolt support rails in the magwell. Small cuts also had to be made near the top. All cuts can be seen in the pictures attached. Once i had a successful fit, I used some epoxy putty as forward supports. I originally did not want to use this as I feel that putty can look very DIY if used incorrectly. This method ended up working out great, the putty supports the valve assembly at the front of the tank, this helps distribute the force of pumping. The brackets were made a few days before just to get them out of the way. These are of course 5mm polycarbonate which was purchased from eBay. I made these brackets with the idea that they could accommodate all pump locations and also cover any shell cutting. This ened up working out exactly as planned. Next was the breach, a dart notch was cut out of the 17/32 brass and a small stub of 9/16 was glued into the tank nozzle. I should have really trimmed this stub a little shorter as the breach cannot clide back as far as id like. The barrel is supported by the 9/16 brass sleve at the tip of the blaster. A roughly 18mm length of 9/16 sleves over the 17/32 to mke up for the shorter barrel. I would ideally use a full length of 1732 but was unable to find one. Electrical tape was used to mount the barrel as there is no pushing force against it. I made the mistake of cutting too fr forward on the breech window, I then chose to cover up the gap with frosted polycarb, I think it looks okay. The breech handle is again 5mm polycarb which has a roughly 9/16 hole crved in the end. This is secured with CA glue. The pump was adapted with a short length of conduit. This was coverd in devcon to ensure a solid bond. Also pictured is the short reinforcement post at the back of the blaster, this serves two purposes. It prevents the tank unit from sliding backwards when closing the breech, it also acts as a pump stop to catch the pump. The trigger has a small chunk of polycarb glued to it, this has a small hole of which a length of wire is fed through. This is the lever cord for the trigger.

This build was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be and would urge everyone to attempt this if you have the materials. I have attached the link to my Imgur and also two videos of firing nd loading (apologies, Youtube decided that my video was going to be vertical?)
UK Foam

Looks like you may need to shoot stefans by the angle that the dart came out?

Good spot, UK_Foam. You're right that the muzzle blast is a significant problem. Consider adding some porting to the barrel to vent the gases sideways so the projectile doesn't destablise from the air at the back when launching. Smile

I did also see that in the video when testing. The dart in that shot fish tailed ultimately which is likely due to its over use. Although I agree that vent holes would be a good idea, I am reluctant to implement them based on aesthetics. I was doing some further testing today and was using two Koosh darts repeatedly, I had no errors in the 10-15 shots that were taken. Newer darts are definitely preferred by this system and half lengths also do well. I have some FVJ's coming for Friday so I'll see what they are like when in full length form and cut down!

Couldn't something like a 3D printed muzzle break do some of the venting?

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