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Big shock

Quickish little mod tonight,

Mega bigshock rebarrelled with a worker elite barrel and an OMW 7kg spring upgrade.

Dont believe all that guff about being unable to remove the plunger head just prise it off carefully with a flathead screw driver.

Then replaced with a screw and washer, alternatively you could probably just glue that pin back in.

Same goes for the AR and dart post, steam the back cap over the kettle a couple of times and ease off with a knife. The AR then falls out and you can rip out the dart post with pliers.

Glue the cap back on,

Jobs a good un.
The Dark Kitten

Looks very well done.
Make sure you the details!
I am very curious to the outcome especially with the Worker barrel inserts.
Should by the end be  a stunning last resort blaster or even side arm!
Be smart and dont leave it as a hideous orange this, and put the shell back on.


Isn't the plunger tube much bigger than that of the Triad? Is that sping going to be big enough?

Yeah, I'm a big fan of the worker barrels.  I've actually got the full set now. 😊

The shell's back on now , looks well weird without it, I'm thinking last ditch blaster as well, I might velcro it to something.

I dont have a triad to compare with but your right the tubes a decent size. The stock spring is quite beefy but that omw one was about 3/4 of an inch longer.  You could probably go bigger still but as it is it primes and catches no problem so I'm happy.

Won't be able to chrono but will give it a good field test at Zone 74 in a couple of weeks.

Oh, ok, sounds like it's about on par with the Triad tube lengthwise then. Was worried you wouldn't get optimal compression.

Can you imagine if it hit 100+ FPS??

Given that the same spring has my Triad performing close to as good as my 110fps Retaliator, I could certainly imagine it firing elites that fast.

Got a chance to put a fair few darts through this evening, very pleased 😊

Its got some pop! And has seem to hit that sweet spot where its actually reasonably accurate with koosh darts.

Going on comparison tests its hitting much harder than a stock messanger or my modded sidestrike. I'm guessing its on psr or better than some of my much larger blasters but hard to be sure.

Definitely a great wee addition to the armoury though.

Looks good, I can imagine it packing quite a punch. Is this you making special blasters to shoot Mr FDT with next week Very Happy

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