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I have recently started a Nerf blog and as always when something starts up it is not full. To help with this I am trying a program of giving other people, who's views might otherwise go un-noticed get there opinion out there.  The idea was that people would send in their reviews and the best would be published on the blog. Please can you post your feedback on the idea or the blog so far.

If you would like to submit a review then please use the contact form on the blog.

Even if you do not contribute to this idea, I would be greatful if you would look at the blog and tell others about it.



I should remind you of Code of Conduct number 8-
"Do not start threads promoting your YouTube channel, website, business or blog. In addition to this, do not use posts in others’ topics to promote your channel/website/business/blog. The only appropriate place in which you may post said promotions is in your signature. BritNerf is a community for hobby enthusiasts, not a link dump. "
In this instance I will allow this post to stand as you are inviting content from members. Consider this a warning, if you wish to continue using the forum please read the Code of Conduct. ON


You know Britnerf members can contribute to the UK Nerf blog? Which has loads of content, followers and is well established. UK Nerfwar is the person to talk to about that.
There is also an entire forum full of UK blaster reviews here which are fully searchable and updated regularly.

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> General Nerf Discussion
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