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Blasterparts Flywheels... Version 2 perhaps?

Remember when everyone got excited about precision German engineered flywheels.  I do.

Remember when everyone got pissed off because they were too small.  I do.

Remember when they sold out.  I do.

Well, they're back in stock and appear to be a little bigger than before.  Originally advertised as 35cm in size (possibly for giant Rival rounds, or if BGUK is to be believed, launching rugby balls).  After a quick conversation with ze Germans they updated the website and confirmed to me that it should read 3.5cm.  After a quick Discord chat confirming that the original Worker wheels were around that size, and that a pair of original BP flywheels measured 3.39cm, I bought a pair (for an old stryfe that needs some love).

When they get here, I'll measure them with some digital calipers and report back.  I thought you may be excited, like I am, at the prospect of properly sized BP flywheels.

Linky link for those interested:

So.  They have arrived.  They were weighed - pretty good matching to be fair.  They. Were. Measured. They were found wanting.  The 2 pairs I bought were exactly the same size as the out of stock version.  I don't know if i got old stock, and whether Boff will have any more joy with the ones he ordered, but these are the same disappointing ones as before (not that they don't have a use, just not at the high performing end of the spectrum).  I shall be contacting BP to make a complaint of some kind under false advertising - it isnt like they can argue it is within tolerance, as all of the ones that I've seen (Boff and Franksie) have been the same size 3.39cm.  So disappointed, and angry... definitely angry... especially after they confirmed the size after being told about the issue on the website.  Arghhhhhhh!!!!

In the interest of science, and after a request from Sparky2504 (on the Discord chat), I've a mini photo gallery thing of the weights and measurements of the BP Flywheel that is the focus of my disdain.  I also have some crappy RapidStrike ones for comparison purposes.

So here are the RS ones first:

As you can see, the weight match is actually pretty good, but the size is way off, and who knows about balance - all I know is, I fired about 4 18 mags through my RS before gutting it.

As for the BP ones...

As you can see, heavier, and matched pretty well. But falls so short where it counts.  Hope that this helps.

I'm quite excited about these, now they have been confirmed to be bigger I'm expecting good things.

We shall see.
UK Foam

Has anyone done a comparison of these to worker ones?

Nobody has them yet!  The old blasterparts wheels were 1mm smaller than the worker wheels.  Worker wheels are on average 35mm the same as what the new blasterparts wheels are, hence the excitement

They are on the way.  I have a mini, "professional" set of scales to weigh them with and am waiting on delivery of digital calipers to measure them with.  If they aren't 35mm they are being sent back!  I'll update my original post with details and pics when they turn up.  Expect an update on Wednesday (I hope).

Five pairs inbound here for testing and weight matching analysis.

Original post updated.  Bumping thread as I'm pissed off that they are no bigger than before, and everyone needs to email BP to tell them what a bunch of idiots they are for not advertising honestly.

Are you measuring what would be the nominal diameter at the centre of the concave profile? If so then is the outer diameter by any chance 35mm? That would explain why they list them with a 3.5cm "product width".

Wish I wash SSGT. I measured the diameter across the widest edge of the wheel. The lip rather than the dip in the middle. I'll post a picture tonight.

Mine have just arrived. I'll get a set of callipers out in a bit but first I'm wading through emails. Smile

EDIT: Can confirm that my entire stash here are all 33.5mm. I measured through the plastic so I can still return them but no, they're identical to the old versions.

What dicks. Golden opportunity to make the best flywheel in the world and we get the same ones despite them knowing they are hopeless for performance.
German engineering my arse.

^^ what he said. What to do with my pair now.... anyone wanna buy some BP flywheels  Razz

Are they better than stock?

You can return them as not described for a full refund including return postage. The wonders of the EU Distance Selling Regulations mean that returns are standardised across the bloc. For now. Get in touch with their customer services and arrange for a return. They are strictly speaking faulty ergo you're entitled to a full refund.

In terms of performance, they are better than stock insofar that they're better made so more consistent in terms of weight and roundness. They do, however, harm performance because of the wider flywheel gap. My analysis of the original batch is here. It's safe to say the performance is going to be the same without a change in dimensions.


A very, very unimpressed email sent to explaining that I'd like a full refund as per their cancellation policy. It's time to get some British engineering in on this shit.

Thanks for the update Boff.  And for the details on how to ensure you can get a refund, should you want to.  I just wish that they hadn't confirmed the size to me, I specifically asked them.  So disappointed, as they are very well made... I'm thinking of sticking them on some hellcats and ramming them in my stryfe. And then run around wars hitting people with the blaster, because that'll hit a little harder than the darts.

Also, added some photos on the original post.

German precision.... to the wrong specification

As has already been said above, here we now have a clear gap in the market for high precision made curved flywheels. Surely someone on here has access to a CNC lathe and can start knocking some up as once tested and proven they would sell like hot cakes and then we Brits could stick another one to ze germans!!!!
As they did bomb our chip shops btw!!!  (sorry RAF humour there).

Dazzle740 wrote:
Surely someone on here has access to a CNC lathe...

I we're already on it.

You've got an ideal reference piece now. Just make them to 35mm and we'll be happy. Smile

I we're already on it.

ooooohhhhh now this sounds worth waiting for!!!.

No response from Blasterparts on their support email so I'm opening a PayPal case for item not as described. Just thought I'd keep people apprised.

EDIT: Bump because significant pertinent information to be added.

I have just been informed that they made an error posting 35mm to the website and it looks like the dimensions have been removed entirely. I've sent an email to their tech support asking if we will ever see a 35mm version at all and asking if we they can shed some light on why they aren't 35mm in the first damn place!

On the bright side, I've got a full refund. Smile

EDIT #2:
So we're not getting 35mm wheels from ze Germans any time soon, I just got this email:


thank you for your reply.

It is supposed to have 33.5 mm (stupid Germans! complaining about inches but the only ones to use a decimal comma)

We thought about making them a little bigger to provide more friction but descided against it, because the Flywheels would only work with original Nerf darts or other types that we would have to specify.

You probaly know of dart types with heads harder than normal, that would jam.

To be honest we where afraid of a huge backlash in Customer Support because of people complaining about thier favourite darts not working ( I assume they would say "the flywheels are not working"), or people asking things like "I use this special Dart Type [random image]. Will they work?"

We allways have to descide if a product fits to a certain mass of customers because, in order to achieve reasonable prices, we have to produce a big ammount of it. So if we sell a product that is only suitable for experienced users/modders we have to keep in mind:

-how do we communicate that, since experience has shown that people do not tend to read article descrictions, the item is only for people who really know what they're doing
-how many pieces are we giong to sell, is it possible to achieve a reasonable price that covers all the developement
-what ammount of support do we have to expect, it makes no sense to launch a product, wehre we have to write 3 e-mails for every item sold.

People understimate that Customer Support is a huge ressource, that consumes a lot of manpower and money.

UKNW, fire up the lathe! It's machining time... Very Happy

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