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Blaze storm sledgefire

Had to dive into B&M today and spotted a few blaze storm blasters, along with the longstrike and roughcut knock offs this things a sledge fire !

Not seen this one before.
The Dark Kitten

Hm seems okay ish.
What pricing does it get? And do you have any idea whether it uses the Nerf brand shell?
Otherwise its just another poorly made reshell from another brand

15 quid, shells looked similar but couldnt say for sure as they were in the storage bit in the stock.
Not sure how blaze storm blasters actually perform.

This was up on the Zecong website for a while and I wondered when it would start turning up, I would guess given past experiences with zecong/blaze storm products that the shells would be compatible as they just reuse molds.
UK Foam

I've seen the roughcut and my local B&M are they any good?

The Longstrike copy is a semi auto affair, that does away with the rev trigger in favour of an on/off switch for the motors. Unfortunately itís not really Nerf compatible. The darts supplied are a good 10mm shorter than standard Elite darts, and while Elite darts will fit in the mag, they get caught in the pusher rod and jam quite easily. Speaking of the mag, it seems identical to a Nerf one, but has an extra tab on it that prevents it being fitted into standard mag wells. However, it looks like itíll cut/grind off fairly easily should you want to use it with Nerf blasters.

The barrel extension doesnít fit Nerf barrels either, which is a shame, as I know LS barrels are fairly sought after parts. It uses the same sort of push Ďní twist fitting, so with a little bit of cutting/sanding/filing, you could probably get it to fit.

I've given the RC copy a miss because it looks frankly disgusting.
Welsh Mullet

The roughcut copy is usable, and has (that i've noticed) only one real difference from the real thing. In the real roughcut, the pump locks forward until you've fired both shots. In the copy, you can recock after the first shot and fire that side again. It might also be slightly larger?

I just picked one of those up the other day. It feels cheaper as you'd expect and the shell mech isn't as good as the sledgefire- it doesn't clip the shell in and the barrel release is a wee catch beside the barrel, so it basically loses most of the pleasing tactile feel of the sledgefire. The shells are very similar in shape but shorter and not compatible but it does shoot elites (the supplied darts are slightly shorter)

Haven't crono'd it- not entirely sure how to do it with 3 darts tbh! But I'm reasonably sure it's firing harder than the sledgefire, despite fairly loose dart fit.

Not sure what I'm going to do with it. Might actually single it for lolz. It's a kind of cool shell I think. It all reminded me what a brilliantly executed, pleasing blaster the sledgefire is, and how badly it sucks in use  Laughing
UK Foam

Not sure I'm going to bother picking one up!

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