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Boogle's "Trhino" Rapidpistol

Hiya all,

I though I would show my rapid pistol build here:

I used:

3 Rhino 130's from Blastersmiths UK
BSUK Rapid pistol kit
Picatinny split rail on top (BSUK custom Thanks:)
BSUK wiring kit
Mecedes Obsidian Black (awesome black with metalic flecks in)
old carbon dip
Gold leaf detailing

Retaliator stock in the same colour Scheme
Worker Muzzle.

Please let me know what you think.
The Dark Kitten

That looks absolutely epic with the dip and the white! They mix very well!

Nice job on the carbon! I have been toying with trying some out on a project, it looks really good.

That is spectacular! I love the worker muzzle. What did you use for the front of your blaster which it's mounted in? Mine's got  cardboard and duct tape at the moment...

If you read the description it's the BSUK rapid pistol kit, which includes a front block that can support a standard RS barrel lug or just done barrel material sticking through the middle,  which is what the worker etc barrels mount to. Some are also sized to fit inside a barrel lug, order a couple then check the fit and adapt it accordingly.

Yea the carbon came out pretty good.

Also, the gold leaf does not stand out on the picture.  It looks like real gold in the flesh.  Not like any gold paint I have seen.

I use gold leaf in preference to gold paint, much better looking.

I was wondering if anyone would start calling a rhino'd rapidstrike a Trhrino.

Just read it properly. Actual gold leaf??? Ok, now that's cool.

Example here and here of some gold leaf lettering and detailing.

Blinging! I loved the second one...

That was printed onto paper, then I used dressmakers chalk to transfer the design onto the shell, then I hand painted the size for the gold, a couple of letters at a time, applied the leaf, cleaned up, then moved on. The slightly inept hand lining was done with a pinstriping brush. I need to practice my pinstriping some more really.
Kits with a pack of leaf, size and a leafing brush are fairly cheap on eBay.

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