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Boomco Farshot to Nerf Conversion

The Farshot is really powerful and small. So I converted this mighty pocket pistol to Nerf. I designed a 3D printed barrel replacement.

I Extended the draw by pushing a small wooden block into the plunger rod. This means the spring is compressed more.

I hot-glued a metal rod in the back of the plunger to be able to pull it back. This means I can remove it if I want to add another spring.

I trimmed out the opening in the handle and clipped out the middle division so I can shove 2 Nerf darts in there.

Lastly, this lovely blaster now needs to be quickly drawn in a Nerf war. So I have designed its very  own holster!


Well done! What kind of performance do you get now?
The Dark Kitten

Well done Sir!
A very intuitive mod and especially since the main mod is 3d printed means this mod is very reproducible.
I really like the use of mods that make Boomco blasters that bit more useful, This is presesnt also with your Halo Magnum (i dont know the out of game name) dart(straw) storage mod.
Well done

Performance, if it fires like seiryuu's version of this, is great, well beyond any Nerf brand single shot pistol

Mine was a pretty basic rushjob. Assuming the dart fit on that 3D printed barrel is good, this will easily outperform mine.

It does have great performance, will surprise your opponents.
And that's just with a single spring.

Another poor boomco blaster...pulled apart just so an inferior dart can be used in it! #boomcoforlife

Trust me bro im a huge fan of the double spring M6, out shoots any Nerf gun its size.

Andrew_Aitchison wrote:
Trust me bro im a huge fan of the double spring M6, out shoots any Nerf gun its size.

All is forgiven. This post makes me super happy Very Happy

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