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Brass and lipos

So, i want to get som lipos for modding, but i have no idea where to begin. I have a single 3s lipo with a xt60, so i need a charger that can charge that. Where can i buy something like that from? I have seen a lot of mentions of a Accucell S60, but can that charge something with a xt60? And on a sidenote, does anybody know somewhere that ships brass around Europe?

unsure of a brass tube supplier apart places like us or oz, but as far as Lipo's and chargers go i have always used Hobbyking.
just remember to select UK Warehouse to keep shipping costs down and also if when you find what you want i have found that if you just leave the page open for 10 minutes plus a box opens in bottom corner offering a discount off the item you are looking at, then just add to basket and then carry on as normal.

Hobbyking sell the S60 with an EU plug from their European warehouse. The charger will charge any 1-4S lithium pack and comes with an XT60 connector on the charging lead so you wouldn't need a new set of charging leads or an adaptor.

Unsure about brass availability in Denmark/the rest of the Europe I'm afraid. We usually have to settle with sourcing brass from smaller model shops - some of them have websites but I don't know if any of them ship outside of the UK.

Cornwall model Boats ship globally, the link shows all the sizes of K&S Brass you need. It's where I buy all mine. Seconded on Hobbyking, they are the best. All your parts like wire, FETs, motors etc can all be got from Blastersmiths who will happily ship to Denmark as well as having direct links to suitable Lipo and lots of other things.

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