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Brass breach EAT advice

I am considering building a EAT sleeper breach. Just wanted some information and advice about how to do this. I have looked at a few guides for longshots, retailators and Liam/specters Nerf mods EAT

As i understand i need to fit a length of 9/16s into the bolt to receive the dart and a length of 17/32 into the barrel, such that when the breach is closed the 9/16 overlaps the 17/32 air tight. This way has less dead space than the angel breach design. barrel length from Liam's EAT is 5cm, I assume he experimented to find the best option so i see no reason not to just copy this length. I want the end blaster to be sub 130fps, his is hitting 110 with FVJs so this should be absolutely fine. My EAT currently has the BSUK 5kg spring and catch plate, I use X-tips elites and Koosh.

I am assuming the AR needs to be removed for a brass breach, but i would prefer not to do this if possible. What else do i need to know before starting this project? and where would be the cheapest place to get the brass / does anyone have any spare i could buy?

You will struggle to retain the AR. It won't matter taking it out, as you have now added a functional barrel and reduced airloss in the breech since that should seal. This will protect the plunger head. You can also fill in the void in the plunger head to strengthen it, cut out the X shaped bit if plastic and bond in laminated styrene sheet topped with a rubber bumper to the same height as the oringinal plastic.
You need at least 4mm full circumference overlap for a seal barrel to bolt.
Cutting half or quarter bolts without a disc cutter of some kind is no joke. You should budget for a decent razor saw for cutting the square ends of the brass as well.
K&S brass is the same price everywhere, look out as the quoted size is OUTSIDE DIAMETER on websites, check your ID. Cornwall Model Boats is our preferred supplier.
Personally I feel this effort is entirely wasted on the EAT, all it's other failures and junky build mean a Retaliator is a better bet.

Another option i have considered was just adding a wider faux barrel to reduce fps lost to friction.
The retaliator with a 5kg spring manages over 100 fps while 5kg EATs rampages and slingfires are only firing 80-85 fps average - I don't think this 20 odd fps loss can be just down to the faux barrels, are there other factors at play here?

Athens EAT has a much less air efficient bolt, it has more deadspace and a lousy dart fit VS the Retal. If you want 100+fps pump springers the EAT is not the way to do it. No matter what you do the Retal will always be better. Use it for HvZ or games with lots of kids, that's what my 5kg EAT dies, it is now 3 years old and is perfectly reliable, unlike ones which run higher spring loads that spend the majority of the time broken.
Barrel bore is not the problem. Experiments by other modders have shown there was barely any difference between a 1" bore faux barrel and standard bore fluted.

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