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Brass Dart Guide for Flywheels

So after hearing some good things about adding accuracy to a flywheel I went out and bought some 9/16 brass, a good file and attacked it with my dremel. I filed off the edges and thought I had done a good job. It was a tight fit for darts, but not a twist fit.
However the brass totally kills the fps and the darts barely go 5 meters.
Anyone have any tips or experience with this sort of mod?

Yeah, don't brass flywheels, it's cock.
If you want improved precision you need two things, better build tolerances and better darts. By better build tolerances I mean matched flywheels, set correctly in the dead centre of the cage , exactly the same (+/- 0.1mm) as the other wheel in the pair. You then need fluted faux barrel instead of rifled and some care in fitting and aligning the cage. If you are using concave wheels brass us adding EXACTLY NOTHING to the performance.
The second factor is darts, heavier tips fly straighter at higher FPS, see my Waffle tip post for the basic physics.
Both Franksie and Blindgeek have top end flywheel blasters built this way and can attest to the precision results.

^ This. Brassing flywheels simply removes velocity which produces a feeling of greater accuracy mostly from confirmation bias. If you don't have a set of drug dealer scales to weight match your flywheels let me know and I'll see about bringing them along at the weekend for you. I would also suggest a set of digital callipers if you don't already have them.

If you are buying digital calipers, DON'T buy ones with plastic jaws, it's worth spending a little extra for ground steel. Faithful do a fairly good set for under 10.

Davera: I have a set of Porta stainless digital calipers going spare, if you've not already got some.

They're brand new and still in the original case without the battery installed, but unfortunately they have developed some tiny spots of surface rust from where they've been sat at the back of a draw for months; though the slide mechanism still works without issue.

I'll bring them to BB6 if you're interested in having them?

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