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Scared for my kids and the silent rise of fascism

I Work in Foreign Exchange ... lets just say its gone mental !

Nerf blasters will be more expensive when we leave Europe.

You brought it on yourselves!


Price rises across the board, bad news all round. Worst day for this country since Tony Blair's dodgy dossier and the vote to go to war in Iraq.
Leave vote changes nothing on the stuff that matters, like our national housing crisis, public service funding crises and rising inequality whilst allowing the young working population to once again foot the bill for the stupidity and hubris of generation X.


I hoped we could avoid this discussion on the forum because it seems to bring out the worst in people.

Be warned, the very moment this becomes out of hand I will come down hard. Please be civil with one another. Mature discussion only.


You are a poo head.

On the bright side we can legit fight the French again....

I'm not even slightly political and personally I'm not really bothered, didn't vote as I don't see the point, unless you can see the future there's no way of knowing which way was the better way, there is just too many variables. I feel most of the important issue's we have in this country aren't really going to be that effected by the change.

The only downside I personally feel and it's a bit of a silly one is that we are now a little further away from that Star Trek, one world government, that I like the idea of. Imagine a world were we all work together instead of all the country v country squabbles.

Isn't that the Starship Troopers world as well?  Would you like to know more?

Tbr, I get your thinking, it would be nice if just our government could all work together as a start.

What's done is done. I don't think it will be as bad as some people make out. What will be interesting is if this sparks other countries to have a vote.

Starship troopers was a dark political satire which captured right wing militarism perfectly. The themes are more obvious in the original novel but in the film it went mainly under the radar...

Total contrast to the Utopian Star Trek dream


I think you missed my sarcasm...

I think so too Sad

How about the Simpsons Dome ????


I'm not a fan of party politics and forcing sides instead of actually talking to each other, remember the nazis were left wing and everyone who disagrees with me is literally a nazi Wink

UKNW - Should I post the troll material from fb and get this shut down harder than the New british borders?

If you like. Just don't mention the 'innie' vs 'outie' Nerf war you were discussing.

Go and look at the stock market. What have you people done?

I voted in, my whole locality voted in, see the map, we are the little island of Devon in amid a see of out.
I am thinking of starting a South Hams Independence Party and demanding S.H.independandance to stay in the EU, complete with a big fence along the border to keep out the barbarians.

Dustybin wrote:
Go and look at the stock market. What have you people done?

The stock market is just pretend money. Plenty of people will make money out of the crash as others will lose it.

I suspect there will be other consequences of our departure that will have a greater impact on us than the problems of a few legal gamblers having a bit of a bad day....

Facebook has been pure Comedy today

True Dabrad, I had a good laugh.

We can legally import chipotle again. Shame it's going to cost a hell of a lot more.

What is going on here?


I work for a university, even before a single move's been made towards brexit the shit's hit the fan.

Bottom line is, the UK education sector relies on international students to make money, and it relies on european research cooperation to make science. Not unconnected because without research opportunities you lose PhD students, you lose quality academics. This costs you respect and reputation, and also directly reduces other applicants because who wants to go and study in a country where you can't progress to top quality research? And it reduces opportunities for UK students too. If we go down this path, in 5 years time we'll be on the road back to the times where university was for the privileged few who could afford it.

But just as damaging, is the image. Britain no longer looks welcoming from abroad. This isn't new; Theresa May's been the worst home secretary in history with regard to education, practically every visa policy has had the intentional effect of making the UK a less good place to study. More restrictions, more costs, more difficulties with visas, less opportunties to work.

And then there's the racism. Now this is doubly annoying because there has been no significant rise in hate crimes in Scotland post referendum. We're all too busy hating our age old enemies, the Scots. But the world knows that the UK just became literally 5 times more unpleasant to be foreign in. Why would you choose to come here, jump through home office hoops, be treated like a potential criminal by the government, pay your 17100 per year, and get spat on in the street and told to go home?

We don't know yet how bad this will be. For us, for UK students, for those international students already here... I'm pretty confident my uni will survive, that's as far as I'm going to go. But what does it mean? Less opportunities to study, less money in universities, less opportunity for talented UK students to progress here, the decline of the knowledge economy which will undermine business, manufacturing, science. The loss of huge revenues too.

Also, less influence. Because the thing is, foreign students leave. And they go home with an appreciation for the UK, which they tend to remember when they're working back home. We have graduates running countries who are well inclined towards the UK. And they paid us for the privilege!

Also, I need some more darts, and the pound's in the toilet.

I'd assume there will be an air of resentment towards the UK from Europeans, my fear is this could hurt the UK in trade however with the Pound in the toilet the Euro has experienced some respite, it too has been circling the toilet for the past few years.
Having worked with importers and exporters for the past 4.5 years ive got a good picture of UK business from sole traders to blue-chip to fortune 500 etc and what I can say is we import massively more than we export so this dip in the Pound is really hurting business they are literally panicking...

But overall the Dollar is a much bigger factor for us than the Euro how the US and China react is a bigger deal for us. If we focus more on those relationships then we could be onto a winner...

Only time will tell but at the moment I am scared of the change because it's an unknown and also being an ethnic minority I'm afraid of how far the extremist patriots may take it...

Being a patriot is one thing, being an extremist is another....

Yes you can be a patriot without being an extremist, it's the combination of the 2 that scares me.

There is a fine line between nationalism, and ultra-nationalism.

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