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Bridgend locations

As much as I see the Royal Mail (whom I work for as PHG/Quartermaster/Guardian of the Specials) hated on these forums, I decided to put them to some use.   I have the local postmen scouting for Nerf sites.  Several potentials already came up included a derelict farm whose owner I'll try to locate (Suspect there are no owners).

Will keep updated.

That's an innovative approach but I'm doubtful it'll bear fruit beyond a decent Google search and using local parks. Smile

Off topic: I fully support Royal Mail, they are the backbone of our business and make us competitive internationally. Without them, we couldn't deliver the high levels of service both our domestic and international customers expect. Time and time again, I'm told by our international clients that they're amazed at both the price and high level of service our carrier is able to offer compared to their own domestic services. As someone who depends on their services every day to make a living, I've got no complaints. Keep up the good work.

Nice to hear it!  Seriously it's strange, we get positive feedback from our customers all the time in person but it never seems to make it anywhere in print.

As for the approach...interestingly it's them not me.  I merely mentioned the hobby, they then started mentioning appropriately cool places they see every day.  Would not be shocked if I end up with a royal mail Nerf war.

****the farm in question is abandoned and in disrepair....still has burned out tractors in the barns and cars rusting and overgrown.  Even kids toys in the house.  A very spooky place.

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