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Bristol Blast 10 - 24th June

Hello Fellow Nerfers!

Bristol Blast has hit double digits. We are back with our 10th event! Thanks to Bishop Vince Harvey we have been invited back for another event at the Southmead Chapel. As per usual THE BURSAR (Jay) will be on the door taking registration (please see Jay before unpacking). Upon registration expect to hand over darts or dosh and be initiated to your team for the day.

Anyone who hasn't registered please do not be offended if you are approached by one of us.

Meet the team
Luke -L11 The Hench Ginger- (THE GAMES MASTER)
Kieren -NewportNerfer113 The Lanky Cowboy- (THE TECHNICIAN)
Dave -Davera The one Knee Deep in Blasters- (THE ARMOURER)
Jay -Overkill Man The Vegan- (THE BURSAR)
Pete -UK Foam The Newb- (MASTER OF THE HOUSE)

Church of JC of Latter Day Saints, Wigton Crescent, Bristol BS10 6DY
Note - there are 4 churches in the Crescent, please don't rock up to the wrong Church. If in doubt, ask one of the Bristol Blast team on the forum or on our Facebook page (link below) and we will sort you out.

ENTRY FEE: 5 per person
Due to several payments in non standard darts, we have removed the option to pay by darts.  The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt from an FVJ.  I hope that you can understand our need to make this amendment.

Start Time: 12:30 to 17:00
Date: Saturday 24th June
Registration between 12:30 and 12:50
Safety briefing @ 12:50
Foam flinging commences @ 13:00
Break time @ 15:00

130 fps blaster cap
No smoking on site
No alcohol
No swearing
Minimum age is 8 years old
By attending and signing in you agree to possibly being recorded during the event and any embarrassment captured and published is entirely your own fault.

Ill be there! Hopefully with a few family members this time as well.
super gripper

Damn, I am working that weekend.  never is on the weekends I am off ............
UK Foam

I'll be there Smile

Super Gripper - we try to always get the 3Rd sat of the month. Hope that helps your planning Smile

I'm a maybe for this one. June/July are going to be a busy period for Nerfing for me. With the tactical day on 4th, 24th for BB10 and then GC3 followed by Battle of BritNerf on 8th July that's 3 solid weekends of Nerfing and a training day.

I'll be there, and will try and round up the local troops again. No loadout changes planned, but I'm hoping the Desolator will have some Hooligan flywheels in it.
super gripper

The third Saturday of June is the 17th which I am not working - the 24th is the 4th Saturday of the month .................. !

Super gripper we aim to get the 3rd Saturday of the month, but we take the dates we can get to ensure there is a monthly game.

We have never committed to saying our games will run on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Hopesully I'll have my Stampede brassed by then  Cool
super gripper

oh well, another month I will miss .........

Welp. Something has come up with this one so I won't be attending I'm afraid foilks. Enjoy slinging foam without me. Smile

I am out, running a 5v5 event at RAF Chivenor.
Clockwork Wino

Looking forward to this, hoping my brother will make it along as well for his first BB experience.

Not able to make it sorry. Sad

It is baby nerfer's (3rd spawn!) first birthday on this day so I will be taking her and the other two to hunt Dinos at Bristol Zoo.

By the way for those that want to know she likes doomlands blasters best..  Cool
Welsh Mullet

I should be there, either with a friend or on my own via public transport Razz

With less pros going, I'm going to be rocking the mega shotgun I was gifted via modswap and maybe some other fun blasters Razz I expect to end up as a zombie rather quickly

Pondering if I should bring some alternative blasters along to break from the normal load out. Trouble is, the Apollo & Desolator are pretty much ideal for their purposes, I don't know if running anything else is going to bebas much fun
UK Foam

I always like a bit of variety and never stick to just one blaster!

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