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UK Foam

Bristol Blast 3

Bristol Blast 3

£5 or 100 KOOSH Darts

Church of JC of Latter Day Saints, Downend Road, Bristol BS16 5EF
(Awaiting Darren's response)

Saturday 17th of September

130fps cap, eye protection mandatory, no smoking on site, no alcohol and no swearing.
(No unaccompanied under 16's and minimum age 8 (Under 16's require consent).

No marks on walls from Boomco darts. The tips are really soft even though they are rubber, and my rapid madness will only shoot at about 60 fps.

Just checking. You are referring to Darren and not Davera?  Very Happy

Excellent, I'll be attending. I don't mind coming a bit early to help set up.

I'll be there but will only have cash

Sorry. I should also have stated on my other post that I will also be attending and bringing cash.  I may also be bringing up to 3 others with me although that depends on shifts, etc.

Just to clarify, I am not affiliated with the Chapel nor have I been in contact with anyone from the chapel. This date is the most popular one on the interest thread but we are still awaiting confirmation that it is available then.

Assuming that it arrives in time I'm planning to bring the hobbymods orders down for:

If anyone else wants me to do the same, let me know via PM?
UK Foam

Sorry Davera! My bad! Look forward to seeing you all!

Cheers Franksie, it will be nice to put a face to a name.

Is this confirmed for 17th? I'm asking because I might need the extra week to make a new tactical vest for myself. Very Happy

The Facebook page was updated but for some reason not this thread. Jay said on Facebook that we are still awaiting Darren to confirm the venue and he will update us when he knows.

If he pops in on Facebook and not here I'll update the thread.

Jay has posted an update...

Update here

Hi Bristol buds, everyone's clamoring for an update eh!

Well there's no news from Darren regarding the next use of the chapel. We're still awaiting a reply, so there's no update here really aside form the fact Darren is back from holiday today and is now working it out instead of being on holiday Razz
I know it can seem frustrating, just know that we're working to get as many dates locked down there for as soon as possible, as often as possible.
My last request was basically "book up every possible Saturday from now til Xmas please!"
As for other venues, I think we'll have to look into unofficial parks or sites, there's plenty of disused buildings/car parks we could try out as well as green spaces.
So yeah, there's nothing to be vocal about Chapel wise, otherwise you're all welcome to look into alternatives as well or give me suggestions, but it's really a case of sit and wait for now Smile


Also, just wanted to stress that this thread was made without me, and wasn't in any way a confirmation. Sorry if that's confused people/got hopes up. Next Saturday is as likely as any upcoming Saturday basically, it was meant to gauge interest and start discussion more than make any promises
Let me know if I can be doing anything more. And I will always be vocal if there's news to share guys!


Please don't double post, edit your original post. Thank you -Boff


If you want people to get behind this event and make it grow you need to plan a bit more in advance and set out the dates it will run a month ahead. You need to establish a team or person who takes responsibility for booking and be sure to post here AND Facebook with the latest information.
I should also point out that we are now heading into shorter daylight and wetter weather so planning a season of outdoor games will result in cancellations which will hurt your reputation.
Get a benign dictatorship going, say "These are the dates booked, show up and play or the event stops." If you give more notice people can work around it.
From a UK organisers perspective I would like to see a quarterly event calendar so people can plan how to get to as many games as possible.

If you are looking for any help with the organising of these events. Be it keeping the forum updated or liaising with the venue to secure dates or whatever... I'm more than happy to help out. I'm sure L11 won't mind me saying that he would also be up for helping out.

Just let us know if you need any support.

I agree. I truly belive Bristol Blast can turn into a very good event if run properly.

I am more than happy to support as is Newportnerfer and Davera and have discussed this many times.

Edit:  That's quiet funny Newportnerfer we must have post at the same time.

I am literally only in charge of liaising with Darren about games at the chapel, and the amount of notice I can give literally depends on him.  And I'm sorry for the confusion but this suggestion of the 17th was nothing to do with me, there was literally never any guarantee. If people want to take charge then do so, I'm only the messenger for Darren and I've passed on updates as soon as I know, it all rides on his decision and speed in making it, and no one affects that but him.

Can't help but feel the frustration is aimed at me, and I'm in exactly the same boat. He's only just got back from holiday hence the lack of info, I still don't have any news at this point.

I have asked for any/every Saturday from now until Xmas, if it's short notice confirmation that's not on me.

Is there anything more I can be doing? Apart from updating everywhere? Which I intended to do once I actually had some solid news/dates to work with. Any non-chapel stuff is fair game, you're all welcome to get stuck in.

I think you are mistaking excitement for criticism, dude

Hi Jay, I don't think anyone is frustrated with you and I understand that it is really difficult to organise such an event. I suggested it would be better to have a team of us organising Bristol Blast and I'm more than happy to help as is newportnerfer, so you don't feel that everyone is frustrated with you and it all falls on your shoulders to organise and communicate with everyone .  Probably best to have a chat via Facebook to discuss how this could work going forward to make sure we are all on board and we can ensure these events are a success going forward. What do you think?

Thanks guys, it's probably mixed with my own frustration at the situation.
I'm doing all I can with Darren and the chapel, his next reply should shed some light. Also he mentioned last time that planning far in advance was tricky due to the chapel's own events.
If people could maybe tell me what kinda sites they'd want? Like parks, ex-industrial areas? Maybe Google about. We gotta look elsewhere if everyone is wanting more frequent events, that's for sure

4 weeks in advance would be a minimum.
Any indoor space will be useful long term. Derelict buildings are NOT safe and should not be considered.

No rush for me, just a heads up if you get any news.
UK Foam

I think communication with Darren has always make it difficult to organise in advance. Perhaps we should get as many dates from his as possible for the chapel but also look at other locations.

Thanks Jay for the hard work Smile

L11 and Newport nearer, perhaps we could add eachother all on Facebook, so we are all in the know? We could make this more of a team, as opposed to individuals chipping in where we can?

Thanks Pete

I'm coming and bringing 1 more person also are there any loaner guns and will Anyone trade some thing for the longshot I have

Cool, there where a few loaners arround last time so I'm sure it will be fine.

In a few events we plan and having a load of loaners each war but for now we are relying on the generosity of other players.

If its any consolation, we have similar difficulties sorting out chapel access for GuN, and thats with Justajolt being a church member...

Without sounding rude, and I appreciate i'm weird in that i always have a smartphone to hand and try to reply instantly, my experience of Mormons is that their chapels are great, they are really nice people, and they suck at at answering emails!  Wink

Found this amazing list of community spaces in Bristol,  have been slowly going through it.

I Google Image the place and check their website to get a feel for the space, then give em a call or message about our little hobby.

Been selling it as family friendly, sports-based parties type games revolving around harmless foam projectiles.

I've got through the 1st page with a couple of promising leads, anyone want to take on a page? Will continue to work through from the back forwards methinks.

Have also shot Darren another message, will keep y'all posted.


Sorry to be a bother but is there an event happening in Bristol this weekend. If so then is the location still the same?

If you look at the date it's set for Saturday 17th, next week.
Sadly it's not yet confirmed, neither is the venue.

Sorry, next weekend. Derp

Can you guys please get a definitive yes/no for this event please?

17th is not happening - but we are going ahead on the 24th

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  As you know we have been trying to get in contact with the venue in Downend in Bristol, to confirm whether we can have it for this coming Saturday.  Sadly, we are not able to have the venue for the 17th September, and try as we might, alternative venues are not forthcoming at short notice.  I'd like to mention that when this thread was posted, the venue and date hadn't been confirmed - and so this was always a possibility.  This is a lesson to all of us, and has pretty much resulted in 5 of us sharing responsibility for getting this event to be a regular fixture - see the post L11 put up here.

I know that the original post should be edited to reflect this, but I didn't post it, so I can't amend it.

I do have some good news for you, we have been able to secure the following Saturday, the 24th September.  Same particulars as the original post, just a week later.

I'd appreciate some advice from the mods... should this thread be locked and another started because the date changed?


Yes, I will lock the thread, then post a new one.

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