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Bristol Blast 5 - 14th January

The Bristol Blast 5 event is here! Once again we have kindly been offered the Chapel in Downend. Like BB4 we will have a registration point where everyone must register upon arrival. Upon registration you will pay the entry fee, and you will be branded with coloured tape to identify your team.

Anyone who hasn't registered and is onsite, please do not be offended if you are approached by one of us (Luke, Kieren, Dave, Jay or Pete).

Church of JC of Latter Day Saints, Downend Road, Bristol BS16 5EF

£5 or 100 KOOSH Darts (Per Person)

Start Time: 12:30 to 17:00
Date: Saturday 14th January
Registration between 12:30 and 12:50
Safety briefing @ 12:50
Foam flinging comences @ 13:00
Break time @ 15:00

130 fps cap on blasters
No smoking on site
No alcohol
No swearing
Minimum age is 8 years old
All under 16's need to be accompanied by a responsible adult
UK Foam

Very Happy  I will try and sort the BB6 date ASAP also =]

Registering to say maybe. Again. Smile I've got a GC event the weekend before this one so there's a good chance I'll be dead to the world. That said, I'll have spent a weekend with LARPers and probably be itching to shoot something...
Welsh Mullet

I'll be coming if I can bum a lift off NewportNerfer again. Shame my "christmas" molle vest will not have arrived by then, but that's my fault for ordering it from china so late! When if BB6 likely to be, UK Foam?

Was really hoping that I'd be able to make it to a Bristol Blast, but I could only have done the 21st Jan or 4th Feb

I am also out for that date as it clashes with FWA.

I'm out too. Will await BB6 date but it looks like I'm shit out of luck
UK Foam

I am trying to arrange BB6 as we speak. I am aiming for end of February. But our contact is often slow to reply!  Rolling Eyes
super gripper

I am out too, that weekend clashes with an RC car event.

As many people as possible need to go to this and get training... We're still hoping for some north south action at some point...

oooohhhh   North vs South like the sound of that Just a Jolt!!!!
The Green Goblin rev trigger is repaired and raring to go fling!!!!
UK Foam

I like north vs south idea! Where will this be hosted? Perhaos start a new thread and post the link on here?

We've been discussing the Battle of Britain as a North v South thing. It's in the pipeline, please be patient as details will be announced in due course. Please keep this thread on topic. Thank you.

What's the deal with painted blasters? Do they need to be "public friendly"/have orange barrels?

I was thinking about bringing my Deluxe Stormtrooper blaster down with me, but realised that the army green paintjob isn't exactly obvious as a toy!

I still need to figure out what I'm going to in as a primary, secondary, and pistol/backup. I've got plenty to choose from that's for sure, so any advice would be appreciated. Not sure I'll be able to duel wield my pair of Havoks though!

Here's [i]some[/i] of the collection so far...

Painted blasters are fine as we aren't playing in a public park or anywhere that may worry people. Everyone at the event will know we mod blasters and expect all types of different things.

I would bring a load of blasters and just run what you think will be good for each game. We play multipul game with different rules so there isn't one blaster to rule them all.

L11 wrote:
so there isn't one blaster to rule them all.

*cough* I beg to differ. Razz

If you need anything from me for the event itself, drop me a PM and I'll see what I can dig up. If I'm not able to go, I'll arrange delivery just in case. Smile

Awesome, cheers Boff! You should come even if you are shattered, just set up in the hall and blast unsuspecting people as they walk past lol
UK Foam

Yes I'm sure a bright green blaster should be fine! As already said the location is on private property!

Boff I'll bring a camping chair you can set up in the corner and a table for a tonne of mags.  Laughing

So I live in the south but I'm originally from the north how would that work? Ha

Probably the same as it would for those of us who were born in the south but decided the North was a better place to end up!
UK Foam

The Bristol Blast 6 thread will be available soon. So keep an eye out folks! We will also share details at the BB5 game.

Gentle reminder to keep the thread on topic...

I just want to do a quick headcount. Anyone who plans on coming can you vote at the top (if you haven't allready) so I can get a rough number please?
UK Foam

Those of you that attend the Bristol blast games would you prefer mega darts or vortex darts as an additional dart bin?

We will be there me plus the two little nerfers! So that will be £15

Do you want more people there this time I know some Bristol parent/kid groups that may be interested?

Now to fix my holster and stock as well as find a decent battle belt..

I should also finish modding that demolisher at some point

Well, after treating myself to a soldering iron this morning after remembering I had some old heavy duty speaker wire tucked away, I followed a couple of YouTube vids (shout out to Foam Data Services, amongst others) and got round to stripping the locks and rewiring a Stryfe and a Modulus, ready for the next BB5 game.

Hopefully I'll get the Hammershot shell I'm waiting on through the post soon, so that I can run one of the two flywheel blasters as a primary, Roughcut as a secondary, and a boosted Hammershot for my backup pistol. No idea how I'm going to carry all that on me, plus ammo! Might get myself onto eBay and pick up a handful of IMRs to really add some poke to the flywheelers. Yup, this modding lark is infectious! Though I probably don't have time for the shell mod and repaint I have planned on the Modulus. I'm just gunna bring a boot full of blasters I think.

Anyway, I also managed to lay my hands on a good as new Rival Atlas today for a mere £15!

So I was wondering what the rules are regarding alternative ammo types (Rival balls, Mega Darts, Vortex discs etc.)? Cos I'd be tempted to carry an Atlas as a secondary and my Vigilon as a pistol. Because reasons.

Zenif - I wasn't scouting for extra players but will never turn them down, if you feel people will enjoy the war bring them along Very Happy

Treezy - that is allot planned between now and the 14th!. Regarding the ammo, we have no special rules, however we currently have an abundance of Koosh and a few (c. 50) †mega darts. Generally if you require ammo we cannot supply, just bring it allot with a mark to show its yours.

I can finally confirm my attendance at BB5, and I'm genuinely excited for it.  Although if the weather continues we will be limited to indoor only, as if it's icy outside there is no way we can be running around like maniacs and breaking legs, etc.

The day is near.... I'm getting excited!

The eather forecast is dicey so we may or may not be able to use the outside space,  we will make a decision on the day.
However, like last time can we all park in the same area, the far end of the car park works best. That way we can corner it off and have the remainder of the area to use.

See you all sat.

I'm getting super excited for this!

Finished what mods I can do (for now) on my Modulus, got some army surplus mag holders and pouches for ammo storage, plenty of warm clothes prepared (I'm gunna look like an all-black ninja), and my stoke meter is almost fully loaded!

Just need to sort out a few extra straps for carrying some blasters and I'm good to go.

Probably be a good idea if at some point I actually Googled where the venue is.....

You can take the man out of the North...

I'm still a reluctant southerner at heart, which is why I talk all posh like. You never quite forget your roots ^_^

Right nearly ready just need to mark up my new mag and charge those batteries!!

We can't wait till tomorrow!

So anyone bringing anything new or interesting we should know about or is it going to be a surprise!!

I'm bringing my Mastodon! That should be fun to run arround with. I bought 120 mega darts too, so our mega pool is growing.

Plus Rab sent me a load we are bringing allong too.

Have fun tomorrow guys!
UK Foam

Don't forget to charge your batteries! Get packing now!

Fuck this, I'm out. I'm not sure whether I've got post LARP flu or just round two of the cold a friend of mine gave me at Christmas but I'm ill as hell. I'm pretty sure Nerf biological warfare isn't something that we as a community would like to explore so I'm staying home under my duvet and probably doing dev work. Have fun folks!

Ahh Boff noo!! That's a shame. But being ill is not fun, so I get it.
UK Foam

Boff have some lemsip and be the indoor camper Wink

Looks like we are going to have a lot of the big boys playing this game!

Think about it another way: you lose me for a game day but you might get something shiny in the form of a RS flat top kit or similar. If I'm stuck in bed, there's not a lot to stop me from doing CAD work. Razz

In that case, if your illness comes with a promise of a flat top kit...the community thanks your virus! † And we accept you absence today Razz

Damn that was good fun!
UK Foam

Thanks for coming guys! What a great day!

BB6 coming on the 18th of Feb (To be 100% confirmed)

BB7 mid march!

Thanks everyone at Bristol Blast 5

We have joined Brit Nerf, just to pass on our thanks for everyone at Bristol Blast 5.  
It was very friendly and great fun for everyone. Seeing the hardware you all had was an inspiration - now we've got to up our game for BB6.

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