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UK Foam

Bristol Blast 5 Bulk order Nerf Turf Springs

Hello Bristol Blast players are any of you interested in a bulk order of upgrade springs from Nerf Turf.

The link below will show what is available:

Please comment what you are interested in and I can distribute this at BB5 or whatever you attend =]

Thanks Pete


Bulk orders belong in the Trading forum. -Boff


So about 8 for a 10kg EAT one?
Welsh Mullet

I'd be in on this, but I'm slightly worried by that 10kg need to reinforce... anyone used those, or should I stick to the 6kgs to be safe?

I've got one of the Nerfturf 10 kg springs for the retaliator - not used it much (it's on its way back fromn oldnoobs at the moment) but it's not much stronger than a 7kg OMW spring i have. So if you are comfortable using this i'd say you'll be fine with a 10kg.
UK Foam

Welsh Mullet, there's only one way to find out!

UK distributor of NurfTurf

I've got a box full of the NurfTurf Springs on their way just with customs as we speak.

It may be worth holding off until then.

I've made a post about it previously- I will be distributing for NurfTurf.

I will post when they arrive either way I'm London based if that's helpful.
UK Foam

Great would you mind up dating us on this thread?
Thanks Pete

NerfTurf Spring UPDATE

Hy Everyone,

So customs tried to charge him an additional 400 quid on top of the springs what he sent over, so if he payed that he would have lost the margin.

Mike would like to express his sincerest apologies, but it's not his fault really he can't give them away for free at the end of the day.

As it stands, if you want springs fast I would say go ahead and order them online.

We are working on a lower cost solution but I'm afraid it's unlikely we will see them in 2016.

Apologies for any confusion that I have facilitated.

Re: NerfTurf Spring UPDATE

Northlondonnerf wrote:
but it's not his fault really he can't give them away for free at the end of the day.

Err... Not sure that's how it works. All end purchasers should factor in customs duty and taxes when ordering - always assume the worst case. Plus if your margin is so narrow customs can wipe it out, you need to raise your prices.

I'll likely be placing an order in the next few days for myself direct from Australia so I might throw together an MO for people. If I do, I'll put a thread up on trading.

Yeh Boff, I agree with you...

However the concept behind his idea was to try and be the most affordable springs on the market. Hence the intention to keep costs low by getting a distributer in each country.

Yes import tax should have been factored in but could have been overlooked as there wasn't any similar issues with the other countries.

Whilst that should be factored, he will also have to think about paying something to the distributors and his cost of sales....

But regardless the point being that he wanted his springs to be accessible for everybody but unfortunately this hasn't happened.

A Message from Mike Sutcliffe (the founder of NerfTurf Springs):

"Guys thank you all very much for your interest. It means a lot to me that you were thinking of purchasing my springs in bulk. My business is still very new and growing but unfortunately I haven't yet got to the stage were I can bypass or work with your customs system. And so I apologize sincerely. In mid Jan I will be sending parcels to my vendor Louis and then be able to offer you these great springs at a more affordable cost. Until then please feel free to use the eBay or contact me directly at Australian Nerfturf on fb. I always reply. Thanks guys your awesome."

Northlondonnerf wrote:
I can bypass or work with your customs system.

That's the importer's problem not his.

With respect to actually getting hold of some of these, does anyone have an eBay link that actually works? I'm looking at grabbing a couple of the Retaliator springs to test against ours but the eBay listing hasn't specified postage options for the UK. Am I missing something or should I just go prod the seller? Looking to grab them now so they arrive over Christmas and I can test them during my time off.

Once I know either way, I'll let people know. I don't have the time or energy to be doing an MO but happy to pass on any information I glean.

Could you get OMN to lend you his for testing?

I'd prefer to buy my own, hence I'm asking.



Actually, scrub that. The magic of the internet changed the listing from the one I opened in my eBay app to a 'free post' Australian version.

Just search 'nerfturf' in the eBay app and it returns search results that include UK postage.

Hi all,

The official store is currently the Australian e-bay store.

Which will work for UK purchases.

The UK store has been taken down pending a solution to our import issues.

All products are available but unfortunately we can't take advantage of local shipping rates however the shipping isn't too extortionate so I wouldn't worry.

@Boff, Unfortunately the importer and the exporter was the same person in this instance, I was just assisting with distribution. Further more it is a new business and there are still kinks to work out so please be patient.

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