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UK Foam

Bristol Blast 9 - 20th May

Hello Fellow Nerfers!

Bristol Blast is bounding back with our 9th event! Thanks to Bishop Darren Evans we have been welcomed back for another event at the Downend Chapel. As per usual THE BURSAR (Jay) will be on the door taking registration (please see Jay before unpacking). Upon registration expect to hand over darts or dosh and be initiated to your team for the day.

Anyone who hasn't registered please do not be offended if you are approached by one of us.

Meet the team
Luke    -L11 The Hench Ginger-                          (THE GAMES MASTER)        
Kieren  -NewportNerfer113 The Lanky Cowboy-   (THE TECHNICIAN)
Dave    -Davera The one Knee Deep in Blasters-  (THE ARMOURER)
Jay      -Overkill Man The Vegan-                        (THE BURSAR)
Pete     -UK Foam The Newb-                             (MASTER OF THE HOUSE)

Church of JC of Latter Day Saints, 88 south, 140 Downend Rd, Bristol BS16 5EE,

£5 or 100 KOOSH Darts (Per Person)

Start Time: 12:30 to 17:00
Date: Saturday 20th of May
Registration between 12:30 and 12:50
Safety briefing @ 12:50
Foam flinging comences @ 13:00
Break time @ 15:00

130 fps blaster cap
No smoking on site
No alcohol
No swearing
Minimum age is 8 years old
By attending and signing in you agree to possibly being recorded during the event and any embarrassment captured and published is entirely your own fault.

And I'll be in a forest for this one. GC2 is that weekend so I'll be yelling orders at the regiment and generally making an idiot of myself. You'll be able to save your ears... Very Happy

One I can actually make! Deconfliction with Boff continues!

See, I was sure Franksie wasn't a person but a computer that helps everyone out!! Seeing him at the war will confirm his physical being Razz

It will be good to see you there mate!

Three months in advance???  Check this out for well organised!
UK Foam

Haha thanks justajolt

I'm now trying to organise bb 10 at larger venue

I wasn't sure I'd get in trouble for posting this far in advance but hey ho!


Let's get this show on the road!

L11 has used the kitty to refresh the darts with the new waffle tips. I've used the kitty to purchase a further 600 rivals balls which I'm hoping will half fill the rival bin. Newport Nerfer and old noob are sorting team identification.

We will also hopefully have some more coming too!


Sorted the double post, please remember to copy the last post into a new one, then delete the old one instead of double posting. ON


We will be well and truly be stocked up for this one!

I'll have to make up for missing the last war.
Im brining a new primary aswell so looking forward to testing it out.

Enjoy yourselves, folks. I'll be busy saving the universe... Razz

Just a quick update, as a team (and support from ON, thanks BTW!) we have just bought 80 Buff's, 40 red and 40 blue.
This will solve all our team identity problems from now on!

They are coming from Chinaland, we are really hoping they will arrive for this war, if not deffinalty BB10.

Boff wrote:
Enjoy yourselves, folks. I'll be busy saving the universe... Razz

We all thank you for your service and contribution towards keeping us safe!

Thankfully I can make this one. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

I too will also be in attendance.  Ready to take my new tactical rig out for the first time.  Many thanks to the non-unionised minions at BSUK for making it Smile

Really looking forward to it, hopefully the buffs (cheers for the contribution ON) will have arrived in time.

NewportNerfer113 wrote:
†Many thanks to the non-unionised minions at BSUK for making it Smile

Oh they're unionised. Literally, I feed them or I go out the window. It's a perfect example of how industrial relations should work. Management and workers on a perfectly level playing field.

Make sure you check radios are charged before the event. I went into GC1 with a couple of mine flat and it buggered my weekend. The Baofengs don't have a battery warning light, they just try and talk to you literally as they're about to go flat. Which is unhelpful... Razz

I will be there hopefully with the 2 kids too.

This time I have made a new barrel for the rayven, so I will spend more time shooting around doors and less time shooting them point blank!

Also thanks yes.. the jaw healed quite well I was only on soup for 4 days ;D

Arrrggghhhhh I'm getting excited for this one! Don't think I'll have anything new with me this time, unless those Hooligan wheels turn up before the event. I'm going to try and bring only what I need this time, rather than my usual approach of "I'll take that in case something else breaks/I might fancy using that/someone might want to borrow that...."

I've got half a dozen Bolle safety glasses to add to the BB armoury too, and I'll be bringing 100 darts for the pool.

Not sure if Julie's coming, but if she is then I recommend a gum shield for Zenif.

Look what has arrived!
These should be brilliant for team identification. I'm impressed with the quality and speed of delivery.

Probably wear them like a bandana or arround the arms for easy visibility


These look great, should be versatile enough that you can wear them however you like.

I'll be there.  Will arrive with 13 mags of new xtip waffles and will leave with them empty - hopefully that's ok?

I'm not an organiser but that's pretty much what I do each event. Smile
UK Foam

Franksie that's more than enough! Thankyou

Is there car parking at the venue? Hoping to come and bring a few along.

Franksie - That would be more than enough pal, see you there.

Filadams - Yes there is plenty of free parking in the venue.

Is it me, or is the address on the facebook event different?!?

A post has been put on the Facebook page confirming the venue. It's the one on the original Britnerf post.  We are at the chapel on Downend Road.

For some unknown reason Facebook used the a different GPS location. It's happened before and we aren't sure why. You also can't change the GPS location once the event has been created without deleting it and starting again. Which we didn't want to do.

Sorry for any confusion.

I'm looking forward to a great day. Rain or shine (probably rain).

Aye, Facebook can be 'helpful' at times with address. It links the chapel we use on the opposite side of a busy road!

Either way have a blast today!

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