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Bristol Blast - Map of Downend Chapel

So.  Following on from the Nerf Footage thread, where there are some really good ideas being discussed, I got to thinking.  Dangerous I know.  The walkthrough of the venue before any footage is an excellent idea, as are all the high-tech GPS, Bluetooth, pingly dingly stuff (all stuff I'd love to get my head around when I get some time).

I've opted for a slightly less technical approach that is not my style at all.  Low-tech, low cost and hopefully just as effective as a stop gap for helping people understand the area of play.  I drew a map of the venue and coloured it in.  Ok, I used a ruler, pencil and graph paper, but still.

With some video editing (x marks the spot type of thing) this may help viewers understand where the play is taking place - this combined with a walkthrough of the venue should help alleviate some of the problems with Nerf footage.  There are some other ideas that were discussed that I'll be hoping to incorporate as well, as they sounded so simple as to have me asking the question: "Why aren't we already doing that?"

Anyway, here's my scribble and colour coding key (sorry if you are colour blind... can't please all the people all the time):

Black = Entrance / Exit / Car Park (outdoor play space)
Green = outdoor play space - contains trees, bushes, etc
Blue = indoor play space
Red = No Play Zone
Brown = outdoor paths
Purple = Safe Zone
UK Foam

I look forward to working with you on this!
Welsh Mullet

Is that to scale, NewportNerfer?

Only to a scale of what feels right. It's more a guide to the layout. But it's pretty accurate from memory.
UK Foam

Yea it seems pretty accurate to me!

That's quite as clever way of mapping it out. We thought from watching the video that the Bristol chapel was bigger than the one we were using but that shows how video can distort things.

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