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Bristol Blast Turns One

That's right folks... just a thread to celebrate a whole year of Bristol Blast.  From it's humble beginnings, where OldNoob, Boff and UKNerfWar set up the first one a year ago (to the day), to where we are now... Bristol Blast 9 has just happening, and Bristol Blast 10 has been confirmed, and Pete is busy working on BB11 and BB12 as I type.

We started off shakily enough, the first event was epic, but once the experienced veterans left us noobs to it, we had a baptism of fire, with initially Jay (and I think Pete) trying to do everything.  By the end of BB2 Luke, Dave and I were on board and well and truly up to our noses in it.  

We've had some great experiences (both good and bad), from venues pulling out the day before an event (BB3) to being confident enough to just throw a new game in on the fly to see if it works (BB9).

If you'd like to share your favourite Bristol Blast memory below, please do.  This is a celebration of the journey Bristol Blast has been on, and looking to the future... who knows where we will end up.  It'll be fun flinging foam along the way though.

My favourite memory... probably the smile on my face after the very first war... knowing I'd been involved in something fun, and knowing it wouldn't be the last war I'd attend.  Little did I know I'd be part of the organising team and that I now have to Nerf in my stupid wicker Cowboy hat (I can't Nerf without it).

You guys have done all the hard work. Well done to the BB team for making such a success of the game!
My favourite memory was seeing your faces when I came in disguise.

I was so annoyed I missed that OldNoob.

My favourite memory is seeing the numbers that turned out for BB7, or all the way back to BB2, when the darts didn't turn up till a few hours into the day. At that point I thought it was going to be a disaster. But between those of us that were there we scavenged enough darts and did a pistols only round. It was amazing. So much fun. And it went to show that you don't need a lot of people, you don't need heavily modified blasters and you don't even need a lot of darts to have a good time.
UK Foam

Bb1 was the first war is ever attended and I couldn't possiblly let the opportunity of running it go! I'm so thankful the whole team stepped up to the challenge!

Bb7 was a fab game and turn out!

I look forward to seeing more progression from us all.

Our next steps are clearly to go and help set up another game elsewhere to help build the community! As this was our origin after all!

It's really hard to pick out a singular best moment, I have so many.

I think everyone at BB knows I'm fond of my Zombie games. (Much to Treezys delight :p)

At BB4 I'll always remember being the last human, running with a trail of 15 zombies, with about 5 in front of me.
I emptied my mag to get the zombies who almost caught me from the back, running into the 5 in front I dropped my Rampage to draw my secondary at the time, my trustee Strong Arm.
I ducked between 2 hedges to avoid oncoming zombies, thought I was away, then was taken out from a side attack. Refusing to die normally, I went out like a hero and dived onto the floor shooting my remaining darts.

Another slightly cheesy highlight is the friends I have made, especially my fellow organisers. I have become very good mates with that bunch and it's rare that a day goes by now when we don't chat.
Then there's the guys at the wars, we see each other on a monthly basis, but chat like we see each other all the time. We have a good bunch of people attend the events, some really cool people.

It's a scary thought thinking that it's only been a year all ready, but it's been a bloody good one.
Thank you to everyone who had supported us!

Every war has had something fun or awesome.

Thanks for all the hard work and energy you guys put into the events me and the kids look forward to it every time!

I still remember the time the venue cancelled last minute and we ended up on the downs. That was our first Nerf war and everything about it was great and it was so friendly. So tired afterwards though!

You guys also bring so much fun as allies and opponents and it always makes it dynamic interesting! It is great that everyone is so kind genuine, generous and kind I always feel comfortable bringing the kids for a great day out!

It is always amazing when forum members from all over the UK come to BB for the first time. Meeting up with new nerfers and getting to know you and seeing your works of Nerf art is always rewarding!

Last war was also amazing, the rain changed the dynamic and you could feel the panic during the zombie rounds when it was packed inside. I have to say the whole unload everything on zombie Pete idea at the start of a HVZ round was also pretty hilarious (unless you were Pete!)

Well done on the anniversary guys!

I'm new this year with only 5 wars under my belt, but still plenty of good memories.

    * Going hardcore parkour during HvZ and failing to step up a small wall (thank you kneepads for saving me!)
    * Tagging out Tom (FDS) during KC and then going on a kill rampage by chasing down the fleeing kids and picking them off one by one
    * The first ever King of The Hill standoff being a total dart fest
    * My Desolator's first ever shot tagging Welsh Mullet from 40ft away
    * My shameful first ever loadout video (I'll be better prepared for the next one)
    * Bringing my own friends and them getting hooked instantly
    * Making a bunch of mates and enjoying shits and giggles

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