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Bristol CQB war

This is happening guys Smile
I just got off the phone with Bristol Airsoft, and we need to get back to them with a date. Possible dates are shown above, please note when you're available.
Game time will be approx 11/12 through to 4/5, but it's flexible.
Cost: 30 per person, we need a minimum of 6 players for site hire and 14 for the game types to work.
50% prepaid deposit is required upon final booking!
EyePro IS required!

Game types: subject to update, but HvZ, CTF and Cops & Robbers were mentioned.

Any questions, send me a PM or post below.

With regards to insurance, we'll be doing it under theirs (of course)
ON, the minion is allowed to come Smile

I'm out on cost alone. ~5 an hour when I can do BUZAN for 32 for the whole year (that's including the 28 UBU external membership for Alumni )? Sorry but it's not cost effective for me to do.

I'm out on distance + cost - i'm not seeing change from 100 coming up from the southwest and can't really afford that kind of money.

Likewise- too much money. I will be in for 60 by the time I have got there, without ammunition. Plus its no fun if I can't shoot at Mike....
Tell them its too expensive and if they want some money try to get 4 hrs for half that. Having not worked since October I have to be careful with extras. Mike/Marcus, what's your maximum cost ceiling?
Marcus, lift available back to Totnes if you want to save money on the rtn journey.

ON - I'm looking at around 90 total with those current figures and I couldn't even get to Totnes for a reasonable time due to rail replacement works.

Normally with any trip to Bristol I have change from 40 - thats 33 on train and then 7 on pub etc.

I also have a game to play on the 13th and have tickets back to Sussex already booked for the 28th.

10 is mine for indoor and that's pushing it. Like I say, I've been spoilt by BUZAN so I'm hesitant to pay full stop. Smile

Currently waiting on a response for an adjusted price.
Update: He's willing to go down to 25.

Lol. So, so far the only people commenting on cost are the student, the recent (but still clinging on to the student lifestyle) student, and the (unfortunately) unemployed.

Not exactly a representative sample.

Too far from me to come but 25 for a venue for 6 hours of play time sounds reasonable to me.

Well if you aren't coming anyway, that makes you pretty un representative also?
I don't mind being "unemployed" and I know that at least one person mentioned above has no paid holiday per year, works 12 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week, and still finds time to run games, offer free development on a couple of community projects, provide insurance for events, first aid cover and contribute here as both a regular poster and moderator.

We have discussed how this event was panning out, resulting in a drop of 5 from the venue. My concern is that we are still the only 3 people who are saying yes or no.

I am going to put myself out there and say come to some games, meet some of us, or fuck off somewhere else. I have no personal issues with you, I would be very pleased to say hello, play some games and have a laugh. I am sure the other people with whom you have taken issue would also be happy to be polite, courteous and inclusive, as they always are at games.

The 28th would be the only one I'd be even able to make as I'm rostered the other two Saturday's and that weekend falls on the next roster. I wouldn't mind paying for the train down if there's gunna be a good crowd, give me a chance to met up with people for the first time and all that

We are trying our best to make this work. There is also a back up plan and some developments from the Britnerf team to help people organise more easily. We want maximum war attendance. You guys North of brum, I have said we in the girly South will support you to get a game going, go look for some venues, or pick one mentioned in the Oop North war thread, see if we can't get two CQB wars in this season.
It's easy to get to the venue from Bristol Temple Meads station, it's about a 10-15 minute walk or there is a bus.

Quite frankly, with current numbers I don't see it happening. I need to get back to the site within the next day or so. If you want to come to this war, I really need confirmation. No "I'll turn up on the day if I can make it", or this just won't happen.

I am within cheap travel distance and would be in if you can get the price down to at least 20 ( still pushing it a bit.)You can hire a hall or community centre in weston for 60 for 5 hours so 30 is a bit steep .

Sorry Geezer. I can not make this. Its the travel as opposed to the costs.

Due to a lack of interest, I will unfortunately have to call off this war.
Mods, requesting a thread lock.


Your wish is my command.... Oldnoob

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