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Bristol Mod Party Help

Can anyone help me to organise a Bristol mod party? I have a cheap venue just need help to get the tools and things like that. Please PM me if you can help me organise it.

You don't have to supply tools at a mod party. I did but that's only because I could. The main focus of a mod party should be a bunch of nerds spending the day doing awesome nerdy stuff together.

You can throw a party and ask everyone to bring their own stuff.

Im up for this depending on dates.
UK Foam

I'd come

Sounds good, just order pizza and they will come Wink

In terms of tools...screwdrivers, paint stuff, hacksaw, soldering iron and a dremel does me well. With the trusty workmate.

Maybe I can finally do that magnus grenade attachment I keep having no time for, or fix that stampede.

Someone bringing a Chrono would be useful.
UK Foam

I can bring a chronograph

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