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UK Foam

Bristol Repeat

The last war in Bristol was EPIC! I'm planning to arrange another.
Who would be interested in coming again?

7 or 100 KOOSH Darts
(If you'd prefer to pay in darts please order them ASAP or please send myself the 7 via paypal "" I will personally refund if this falls through)

Church of JC of Latter Day Saints, Downend Road, Bristol BS16 5EF (If OLDNOOB can help us out again Embarassed


130fps cap, eye protection mandatory, no smoking on site, no alcohol and no swearing.
(No unaccompanied under 16's and minimum age 8 (Under 16's require consent).

I will be attending (probably, if not then I will inform you) with proper tactical gear this time. Let's hope that the traffic is not bad this time.

I'll check the dates when I'm home. I may have to move a few things to come!

Are you sure you'd be able to get the chapel on a Sunday?

Usual protocol is to secure the venue then advertise the date.....

I can go sundays due to work, but as above church on a Sunday may not go ahead

A might I suggest contacting Darren, who is responsible for the church and outside user events, then get a list of dates from him BEFORE dashing in. Also I provided all the darts, I suggest that you consider a way of getting those in time for an event, you will need at least 150 per player.

Really excited about this. Are there any updates regarding the secure of the venue and use on a Sunday / or moving it to a Saturday?

I think the fee / dart donation is a good idea to perhaps set up a dart pool for the South West and potentially sort out a regular event. By having a pool set up we wouldn't need to pester ON for darts all the time (obviously unless this is the way it's done)

Keep us updated Nub Hunter.

You won't be able to get the Chapel on a Sunday. I have been mad busy, will get Darren's contact details sorted so you guys can sort a date.
UK Foam

L11 - I am excited to get these south west Nerf wars under way. I have bought 1000 darts to get the ball rolling, but we could really do with people buying in with darts.

Thanks for letting us know OldNoob, perhaps a Saturday would be better then! Any luck of gaining his contact details?

I have been flat out all week. Will try again next week, working through until Monday. You can ask Justajolt, he put me in touch with them.
Blue Sun Merc

Why not just ask people to bring their own (checked on the day) darts rather than charging people for stuff they don't need if they already have a stock. Airsofters don't use ammo pools, everyone brings their own and if they use/ more/less than the next guy it's on them rather than arguing over it like a shared restaurant bill. .

Also from the vague description and looking at the postcode - is this a Nerf war in a church hall?

There are several benefits to using a shared dart pool, least of all it means there's no risk of fvj's/voberries/suction/dart tag/streamlines getting used.
It makes all players equal, because it doesn't matter if you've just got your Strongarm with 6 darts, or your a war veteran with 60 blasters and a thousand darts
It's faster, no hunting around after each round finding your marked darts
Most pools use koosh, which feed well in everything. Most pools are starting to use yellow koosh, which are dead easy to spot

I for the postcode, yeah, its in a Latter day saints chapel, similar to the one GuN uses (and I fact, organised via a GuN attendee)

Blue Sun Merc wrote:
Airsofters don't use ammo pools, everyone brings their own and if they use/ more/less than the next guy it's on them rather than arguing over it like a shared restaurant bill.

Airsofters don't expect to take home the ammo they brought to play with either. I CBA sorting through hundreds of darts at the end of a game. If they all come out of and go back into the same pool it means less time faffing and more time playing.

Chuck a couple of quid in to cover the darts - it'll still be cheaper than buying all the air soft pellets you need...


Hi I'm Jay from the last Bristol Blast, I've finally got an account activated Smile hi everyone! So I've been in contact with Darren and he's currently finding out available venues for me. I haven't had a reply to the last message, but that was the update last time we spoke Smile
I also have a Facebook events page set up for this area if anyone wants to keep up to date on that
Blue Sun Merc

I don't expect to take my personal (or any) darts home, nor do other people I've seen at other Nerf wars. I certainly don't write my name on each dart, do people seriously do that? If you get to grab a handful roughly equivalent to what you started with at the end of the day, cool.

Seems with different wars having different expectations or conventions, it's better to be very clear on the setup and the reasons for any charges as this reads "you pay 7, we take the darts home and you don't see them again except at this one war". Hardly appealing to people with large stocks of standard ammunition that they have acquired to ensure they are self sufficient.

If it doesn't appeal then you have two choices.

- Start your own event with costs/expectations that you set.


- Don't go to this event.


Do people mark their darts? Yes
Do people sort through for their darts? Sometimes
Is their a standard charge? No, but it's one thing we as a community are trying to address

Of the main community run wars recently, OldNoobs fortnightly Foam Warfare Alliance, Foam Dart Thunders monthly and Grim Up Nerf's monthly wars all use a dart pool with a low cost of 'rental'

Of the other community wars, such as the Solent one, Birmingham area, and Zombie Hunters of Manchester, the community is donating darts to these groups to help them establish a dart pool. The community did this to help Grim Up Nerf get started and we are paying that forward to new groups.

In fact the only community run group in recent months that hasn't used a dart pool/isn't getting darts donated, was Davidov's London event. If you want an opinion on how the lack of dart pool altered a community members experience of a war, ask Justajolt.

I see the 7 charge as a way of establishing this event, it's a high cost to setup the initial dart pool, but then a small cost to maintain it, replacing darts lost or damaged through play.

Trust me when I say a dart pool for an event is a GOOD thing, and like Old_man_nerf says, you have a few choices: pay and play, start your own event, or simply don't get involved in what is a good thing for the community
UK Foam

Let's not start an argument. The reason why we have introduced this expectation is because we want to make this a regular event. Eventually we will have enough darts to run multiple games with.

Then eventually the cost will come right down. The initial fee will be high but in the long run I feel that this is a beneficial way of running it! The last war in Bristol was excellent and everyone seemed happy with this policy.


Any luck with a reply on the venue!

The Poll looks like we are swaying towards the weekend of the 24th (probably Saturday 23rd though)

You'll not get the chapel on a Sunday!

If it's later in the Month (23rd or so) I'd be able to come down, which I'd love to do!
UK Foam

My 1000 koosh darts have arrived! However, I do hope people bring 100 darts as opposed to 7 so we can start to build a bin for this regular Nerf community!

If I'm around, I'll just do what I normally do for events: turn up with all the ammo I need and then not claim any at the end. Games I play at are awesome enough to run games for me so I'll contribute in dart deposits. I shudder to think how many thousands Green Cloaks has had out of me over the years! Very Happy

When your venue and date is confirmed I am happy to put some money into the dart pool.
UK Foam

Thanks Boff!

We are stilling working on the location! I feel that were are having the same communication issues you were!

I can bring a few hundred for the pool (darts that is, not pounds).

I just hope a date is picked that fits with my shifts.
daniel k

as long as it is 23rd, I can come, but will contribute money due to a lack of koosh Sad

Cogs are moving!

Darren has just replied, he's said that it'll be the same location as the last one, and also it can't be on a Sunday, as you all suspected.
So I've suggested the 9th or the 23rd to him, could we do another poll maybe for these new dates?
Jay [/code]

I think a new thread is in order, this has moved to the full planning stage. Start one with the now dates on and set up the ground rules for the event?

I would say 23rd as this would then not clash with Grim up Smile

How would people be fixed for doing a week day evening or a Sunday if we can find a suitable location?
I have very few Saturdays free at the moment.
super gripper

that all depends as I am a shift worker so week dates are possible but it is doubtful people would go for an evening.

I'm a shift worker as well so could easily do a weekday day game.

I won't be able to do a week day evening, I have school and then it is a 1 and a half hour drive so it would not be possible on a weekday. Why can't we do a Saturday or a Sunday?

I thought that we were trying for a Saturday.  I'd be up for the 23rd July assuming venue is sorted. On that note, seeing as how difficult it seems to be due to the voluntary nature of the guys we are talking to, could we try and arrange a regular slot at the church? Say the last Saturday of each month or the first or whatever they could do... should mean less faffing around each month.

Evening games are a no go for me unfortunately due to work and family commitments.

I think we are trying for Saturday the 23rd. Sadly it's looking like I won't be able to make that.

I just wanted to put the idea out there and see if anyone else was available on other dates.

You will really only get the venue on a Saturday. Sunday is still the principle day of worship, so the chapel will be in full use.

If people want to set up an evening game why not look at other venues? Bristol is a big city, there are tons of halls. Also there is an airsoft venue in the centre of town that we looked at previously.

I am currently looking into other venues, just needed to know if we had scope for a game outside of the weekend.

I probably won't be able to attend a weekday, I work until 6 and will be travelling from S.Wales.

The airsoft venue could be interesting, I imagine we would all need to put a little money forward to book it (I'm up for it)

Weekdays and evening might be a bit of a stretch then.

I have contacted Bristol Airsoft so I may have more jnformstion tomorrow to know if that could be a possible Sunday Venue. Would open up the dates available a little bit.
UK Foam

I have created a new thread for those who are attending to follow, as this has become a little off topic.


Thread locked, thank you! ON

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