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Britnerf Community youtube Channel

I'm sure this has probably been discussed in the past, but i can't help but notice that despite our technological prowess, our savvy event planning, and our plethora of indipendent business partners, no-one still seems to know who we are on reddit or nerfhaven or anywhere really. I was wondering if anyone was interested on spit-balling some ideas for collaborative britnerf content for a youtube channel, or maybe a podcast?

Thanks for reading,

The Dark Kitten

Defiantly a good idea
I'd be happy to run a community blog and put stuff up on it as people want
I believe we should have a section and move stuff from the forum to the blog as a way of showing the outside world what we are doing.
It would also make it easier to find answers and help

I don't recall it being discussed previously but I don't honestly see the need for it. The majority of our content is indexed here and is searchable. Those of us that create external content usually link it in here when it's pertinent or content spins out from here to external sources.

Youtube editing takes time and energy that is already taken up where it's needed. FDS' channel covers our chrono work and I publish video to the blog where I feel it necessary. I don't think we have the spare capacity in the community to manage regular content. Hell, I don't even have time to maintain the company's Youtube account! Very Happy

The only thing I could really suggest that would actually be of use would be a monthly newsletter summary with a round up of the past 4 weeks worth of happenings including wars, major mod projects and what nots. Possibly include a summary of upcoming wars and what nots. Email is still the best way to contact people and regular contact keeps people front of mind. I've mulled similar for the business but there's such a thing as too many orders...

Anyone who can produce quality content can contribute to the UK Nerf Blog, talk to UKNerfwar.
If anyone's desperate to You Tube they can guest spot on my channel. Talk to me off forum if that's interesting to you.
You guys know that tons of people from around the world read this forum?

I've thought about it in the past but I'd be concerned that we're spreading ourselves too thin. Most people have no time/interest in making videos so a community YT channel would see the same contributors all the time. They may as well promote their own channels but plug BritNerf whenever they can. That way, we'd actually be able to reach much farther. The various war groups have their own channels and FB groups to promote their events which is cool. They also divert a lot of traffic back to the forum.

As for a blog, we have UK Nerf which although has been inactive for a year, still has a large following and thousands of daily page views. I have kept the FB page going but I don't really have time to attend to the blog. Anyone wanting to add content is more than welcome. It'd be nice for someone to breath some new life into the old girl. (Plus you'll also be able to join me at Hasbro press events).

Well it seems we've reached consensus over a restart of the uk Nerf blog, on a personal note i'd be more than happy to contribute content, or do any investigative work that people ask for. If anyone has any suggestions for articles or w/e that they'd like to see then don't hesitate to PM me. If you want something found out, you ask an aspie.

TheIronKraigen wrote:
Well it seems we've reached consensus over a restart of the uk Nerf blog, on a personal note i'd be more than happy to contribute content...

I'm actually pretty touched that people want to contribute. The blog has always been something I'm proud of and it's been a massive blow that I haven't been able to give it any love. Thank you so much guys. I'll start a separate thread to recruit contributors so keep an eye out for that.

Getting back OT, I do think there is something to be said about promoting the forum a bit. We're all very proud of our little community so perhaps we can all put our heads together and come up with something. Perhaps we could ask everybody with a YT channel or Nerf group to show the logo on all their content? I've always done this and it seems to get us quite a lot of traffic.

I've got the forum listed in the side bar of the blog but I have no idea about viewer metrics or clicks since Tumblr doesn't give out that data.

One thing we do need to keep in mind with expanding UK Nerf is that replication is useless. We have a unique set of people within the BritNerf community with insight derived from experience and technical perspectives. We need to capitalise on that to keep things unique and not just fill the blog with "Ermagherd! New blaster, look how it shoots!" There's a crap tonne of that YT already, we need to remember to offer something different. Smile

Preaching to the converted, I know but I felt I should make it obvious anyway.

Boff wrote:
One thing we do need to keep in mind with expanding UK Nerf is that replication is useless.

You have a lot to learn about marketing my boy. In fact the opposite is true. Some of the blog's most visited articles are news stories and blaster reviews, some of which were published months after the blaster's initial release. This is largely to do with how search engines work (or so I'm told) but there is a social aspect to it as well. People tend to consume information from sources that are familiar to them and UK Nerf has the unique position as the only UK blog sharing Nerf news (or at least, it did).

I am very conscious of taking content away from the forum which is why I never covered modifications on the blog, but by sharing news and opinions, we can hopefully use it as a big net to catch the nerfers that haven't found their way here yet. War videos are always a good bait to use.

I've actually had a similar thought to you, IK! I put a Britnerfer playlist together about a week ago because you guys do such amazing stuff and it's worth showing off. Mods and gorgeous blasters that are easily as beautiful as the big Nerf you tubers. I have special respect for people who create great looking blasters.
I think the idea of contributing to that blog sounds superb. Let's get writing!

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