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BritNerf Events Calendar

The BritNerf events calendar shows all of the community events going on across the country.

Details of the events (location, rules etc) will still be hosted on the forum but the calendar will give everyone the ability to see all of the events at a glance.

Members wanting to add their event to the calendar can do so via the topic in the 'Members Only' area. Forum guests have the ability to view the calendar but not modify it. If you are a guest and you want to promote your event, it only takes a few minutes to create an account.

You can view the calendar here.

This looks superb! This is exactly what I had in mind when I brought it up during our skype chat; it's easy to view all the events occurring that month, and if you want more information on a specific event you simply click on the listing to view location and other details. I'm assuming members who are adding their war can simply include a link to the BritNerf thread for further details? Awesome work Kev, thank you!

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