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Britnerf Stand @ BSUK Tech Day

I am looking for a few things to put on the stand at tech day and for member of the forum to staff it.

1- Blasters- I want stuff made by forum members to show on the stand. I will be bringing a few old things with me, I want your content! It doesn't matter how it looks, as long as it meets the standard for one of our games and was made via the forum BY YOU.

2- If you are putting something forward, please make a label with your username and what it is, e.g
Modified Rapidstrike
Runs Pressure Air and shoots gold plated Stefan darts at 600fps.
Made with the help of (insert forum or users here.)

3- Staffing. We want YOU to represent the forum! I am looking for people to start from 11am and do an hour tops each. The members make the forum what it is, so we would like you guys to help any new potential recruits or lurkers to get on board.

With both these requests age (old enough to get in!) and perceived "status" in the community are  ENTIRELY IRELLEVANT in coming forward. We just want you all to share what makes the forum great. Please indicate below if you are willing to supply a blaster and or an hour or so if your time and what slot you want. Any display items of non blaster stuff you made are also welcome like the tac gear comp entries etc.

I don't mind taking a shift in the stall. Would love to bring along some blasters but since I'm flying down it would mean checking in a bag which will cost me a bit as I doubt I'll get them on in my hand luggage. I'll have a think about that one.

Note that the 16+ age limit still applies, irrespective of who you're representing at the event. Smile Just to reiterate...

I was going to bring the modulus and the fearless fire with me to get them chrono'd so they'll be available (in what state I am unsure.. Have fire extinguishers available lol) and wouldn't mind giving a relative noob's perspective for an hour but I'm yet to book the train so I'll confirm time slot a availability.

Any chance of having charged LiPo packs available?
It would save us all charging up packs separately for a few shots (promise I will have fully tested before bringing them..)

We'll have our full battery charging farm on site and a box of test LiPos available. I'll add that to the main roster now. Of course, our team will be on hand to offer advice and insight into builds, it's one half of the day. The other half is farming you lot for documentation fixes and new products ideas... But hey, free pizza! Very Happy

You had me at 'free'

First train gets me in at 11:39 would like an hour to get my legs under me so from 1 onwards is fine for me I'll be there til Mike kicks us out.

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