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Brush paints?

Hi troops ,
What sort of brush paints do you use for detail work?
Links to online retailers appreciated

Thanks in advance

I know Drac says he uses Games Workshop/Citadel ones for his detail work, and I have a feeling OldNoob has said the same on his FoamDataServices videos.

I used Vallejo ones for the detail work on Bertha, but that's because I had them to hand

I have been using Citidel / Games Workshop paints. Add the paint to a pallet or anything to mix the paint in, then a little water, that will prevent most of the brush strokes. Good brushes help, you don't need really expensive ones but replace them when the start to fray or get generally old.

This is a good retailer for the paints as they arnt to expensive, or if you have a Games Workshop around pop in.

I have used Citadel paints, which I got from Amazon. They are pretty good, nice range of colours. I have also used Humbrol Enamel paints which I got from a local shop. The red and silver I use are very good. I picked up a pink one for some detailing and the paint was so thin I needed to build up three layers which was annoying and time consuming.

Citadel paints are good but overpriced IMO. I largely use Revell Aqua Color which is cheaper and quite honestly a fab paint.

For colours I tend to use a lot (black, brown, white) I buy tubes of artists acrylic. Works out much cheaper but needs to go on over a base coat rather than a primer.

Pro tip: Generally speaking, the only difference between cheap paint and expensive paint (apart for branding) is the amount of pigment. You need more coats of cheaper paint to get the same density so as long as you don't mind doing several coats of paint and apply a good clear coat, you can get away with using artist acrylic from the pound shop.

Thanks troops

What base coats and primers should I be looking at?

Is the majority of your blaster going to be spray painted? If so use Halfords automotive paint. I use the grey primer and then whatever colour I want on top of that.

I have used other cheaper paints but they just do not work as well. They are a bit more expensive, but I can say from experience, don't try and cut corners with the price of paint!

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