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Budget Longstrike Upgrades

Ok, so today I picked up a mint condition sonic ice Longstrike. I'm aware internally they're a bit poo, but it looks so very sexy. If I set myself a budget of 20-30, what sort of upgrades should I be thinking of doing? Upgrade spring, AR removal, brass sleeper?

Ideally I'd like to build a plinker that's gunna hit 100fps on a good day, so I'm not looking to go metal sled and huge spring load. And I'll be sticking with standard darts.

I also have access to lots of other blasters that can become doners; should it possible to wrench out an Elite direct plunger system and drop it into the LSK.

AR and spring alone leave it still rubbish tbf, brass breech will upgrade that a bit but...

Retaliator breech into it is a proven route, it's what I plan to do with mine if I ever get round to it. And it seems to me that anything else you might want to do- breeches, springs, etc- will all make more sense on a direct plunger.

Good job there was a Retaliator in the bundle I picked up then; saves me finding one of my spares that's buried in a box somewhere! I love it when a plan comes together....

Stick Retaliator internals in it and make it Elite. I've done a few now and it's faffy but fairly straightforward.

SBNC did a fairly comprehensive write up on it.

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