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Building Demolisher

I had always liked the Demolisher, and after finishing off my Stryfe I picked one up for cheap locally to resell but unfortunately fell in love with it.

A bit goofy looking like this, haven't decided on what attachments to have with it if any. All I know is that it will be blue.

My Stryfe was a learning experience and I was not too pleased with the paintjob, the metallic blue was disappointing, possibly due to my own misdoings. For my Demo' I stuck with some wargaming sprays, as that is what I'm used to, and the Army Painter Ultramarine Blue worked beautifully.

Getting into some details now, on the one side, patterns and colour schemes still on the fence.

Not too sure about the pattern, it's not exactly perfect but doesn't look abhorrent. Trying to go with a slight WH40k Ork influence, but more blue and Nerf-y.

Internals will be 3s Rhinos, Stock cage and hopefully Worker wheels.

That looks great. Now make some "damage" and a few glyph plates and you are good! The demolisher is very orky, its loud, dead shorty and has a wildly inaccurate missile launcher on the bottom!
My only criticism is that it still has the logos and digi cam on, neither of which sits well with a grungy blaster. I always remove the digi cam.

Yeah I was pretty unhappy with that, it makes the paint look a lot sloppier too. Luckily it's just that insert piece so I will give it another going over, and the other side of the shell I haven't primed so it's not too much extra work to do the sanding once more.

I have some skull icon things to attach to either side, and will start drybrushing and adding detail tonight, if not sanding. Will need to practice damage and wear techniques and decide what to do with the non-tip orange bits.

This looks great and I love the idea of the Ork inspired design and with what ON says it'd make a lot of sense for some of the more outlandish integrations we've all dreamed up from time to time.

Some rough inspirations from here, I always liked the Death Skulls, because blue and skull reasons.

Speaking of which, received my skulls today. Wanted something 3D rather than a sticker.


Also now you're allowed one squad equipped entirely with eavy weaponz.

(I can't remember the name of the person I'm actually talking to, but i can remember game rules I read in 1991)

I certainly do need more dakka, I think converting it to full auto would be a stretch of my abilities though.


Uh oh, started to hand paint some of the shell now, it's all downhill from here.


Kleggt wrote:
converting it to full auto would be a stretch of my abilities

Piffle - 'tis the work of a moment! Wink

Seriously though, it's a damn shame we can't get together for a collab here... you to paint and me to add the dacca-shovel Very Happy

Ha, definitely! The amount of shell modding on the HushPuppy is really impressive and I don't think I could pull anything like that off.

I have a few weeks of painting and waiting for parts before deciding on SA/FA and stick/drums.

Part of me wants a stylised but practical war blaster, and the other half wants to stomp around with something ridiculously over the top.

Kleggt wrote:
stomp around with something ridiculously over the top.

There is no finer feeling Wink This is going to look awesome the way its heading - it deserves performance to match.

For full-auto on the Demo would an XSW or similar Stryfe kit just drop in, or maybe with just a little bit of work? I've never really looked into it.

Thanks, I agree about the performance. Will have to look into the best options for FA if I decide on it, having an even more unique blaster would be cool but as it's only my second full mod I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.

Good news though is I have just about eradicated any semblance of logo or digi camo from the blaster and primed all the main shell pieces. Any rough or shoddily primed areas will be made into wear and tear or covered with iconography.

Edit: Not much progress recently, burnt out from work etc. But some parts arrived! Tray will be blue and skull will be white of course. Have decided on SA for this blaster, both because I have the parts for it and for experience reasons. Think I need to get some lettering and lighter blue for highlights next.


Edit: Haven't had a lot of Nerf time recently, got some parts for the Demolisher in the post though - more skulls, worker wheels and paint. Did manage to find time for my sidearm though, a magfed Magnus, which is almost done, just needs tidying up.

Edit: My Magnus keeps dying so put it to the side for now to continue work on my Demo, picked up some paintbrushes and didn't stop until long after I should've. Oh well, as the saying goes "Mess is More" right?

Will probably also paint jam door and the front bars a metallic colour.

Now with hand painted goblin! Needs more shadow/highlights though.

Bumped because I've added a few updates ^

Well it turns out I don't know when to stop painting. Both sides are pretty much done, the newer side is a bit of a sloppy job though which I am not too happy about.

Will tidy it up and do some more detail on grip, pump handle and stock. Then it will be complete, hurrah.


Now have a little sidearm in the works, will be clean though, no doodles this time. Needs another coat or two and then gloss. Has a 7kg OMW spring inside.

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