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Busted Barricade given a new lease of life!

Ok... so I'm still not doing anything pretty. I'm still not doing anything particularly original. But I'm still proud of it!

This Ebay (or maybe Gumtree) blaster had obviously been left lying around for a long time! I'm usually able to clean up left-in battery corrosion with vinegar or bicarb solution depending on battery type, but the springs in the battery compartment crumbled on contact!

After being inspired by some (really) old Youtube vids, I decided I was capable of either fitting a new battery compartment, or using a LiPo I'd originally bought for a Stryfe.

The shell screw in the battery compartment was heavily corroded, so I drimelled around it to open the blaster up. This killed two birds with one stone, allowing me to feed some wires from the Turnigy Nano-Tech 300mA 7.4v through to the rest of the loom.

Many of the different modding videos I watched advised taking off the small muzzle from the front to make it shorter, which I thought was a good idea!

Internally, I just took out the trigger pull lock. Not having any other spare bits about, I'm afraid I also put some tape around the fly wheels! Yeah, it's not cool and kind of frowned upon now, but whatever.

It does what it's meant to! Not sure how the power compares to my Duct-tape RapidPistol, but nonetheless... I've enjoyed taking something broken and making it less so!

I think ten darts in a turret will be pretty useful for many game types, especially one handed; five more than my Hammershot and only two less than a Lawbringer.

I love the stockade, the barricades elite brother. It's a nice size and 10 rounds is a nice capacity for something like a HvZ round

I'll always have a bit of a soft spot for the barricade, as it was my first semi auto blaster. Nice work! Smile

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